Horror and Thriller Poetry posted February 10, 2020

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Never break up on Valentine's Day

A Sinking Feeling

by Roxanna Andrews

Our eyes met across that crowded room,
Just beyond the bride and groom.

A wedding, I'd heard, the place to find a mate,
But I'd be happy with just a date.

A bridesmaid always, but never a bride
If I had to wear one more ugly dress, I'd have died.

But this man looked past that ugly dress,
He seemed to have charm and a bit of finesse.

"May I sit here?" He asked politely.
"Of course," I said, as he brushed my hand lightly.

He sat and I gazed into his eyes of blue,
Could I trust this guy? What's a girl to do?

So I thought, why not just give it a try,
"It's a lovely night for romance," I say with a sigh.

And from there it was dinner, dancing, drives into the sun,
Then on Valentine's, a text,
"Baby, I'm done."

"I can't say it wasn't great,
Can't say you weren't the best date,

But it's time for me to be moving on.
Thanks a lot, it was fun, but baby, I'm gone."

He thinks it's okay to break up this way?
I'd make sure he rued this Valentine's Day.

So I plotted and planned until it all came together,
Then one day in muggy, hot weather,

I wait and sweat in that stolen car.
I see him coming, the trunk is ajar,

"I just have some things that belong to you,
Here in the trunk, there's just a few."

Lid opened wide, he leans in to get the bags,
A hit on the head, his body sags.

Into the trunk, then to a swamp that I know,
The car sinks to the bottom so very slow.

Screams and pounding in a swamp so smelly,
I text him the words to that song by Andrea Bocelli.

'Time to Say Good-bye' but I retitled it,'Time to Die.'

A warning to all who text a Valentine's good-bye,
Stuck in a trunk, in a swamp, is a bad way to die.


The photo is from the movie 'Psycho'. =]
'Time to Say Good-bye.' by Andrea Bocelli was a great choice for this poem. =} I wanted to post a video of it but it just will not work for me. ={ I loved that song.

This is a redo of a poem I wrote a long time ago. Thought it would work well here. No one wants to die in swampy, smelly water in the trunk of a car. Or do they? =]

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Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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