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A book by our Jasonbrian

Truth is a Poetry Book about how we go through life and the challenges that appear.

I connect with people from all over to try and express through this book how they may be feeling to shed some light on the struggle they may be going through or the happiness they're experiencing. Listening to the silence can be our greatest achievement.

Get your copy here or purchase a copy for someone close to you. Makes a great Christmas gift!

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A book by our Harry Smith

In God's Pen author Harry C. Smith shares his hope for enlightenment and compassion through his powerful testament that exudes with personal conviction regarding alcohol and cigarette addition and his evocative poems that tell of struggle and hope from pain and distress:

To experience this avant-garde work can purchase "God's Pen" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, Books A Million or Barnes and Noble.

Purchase a copy on Amazon! Get it here.

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A book by our Mustang Patty

Read The Adventures of Bernie and Howie to your child or grandchild this Christmas. This anthology is packed with the adventures of two little dogs, Howie and Bernie. Their stories are told from the mind of their Mistress, and The Man. These stories will entertain the young and the young at heart. Go along with them as they explore their new house, spend time in Doggy Jail, and follow the Mistress in her daily chores. You will laugh and enjoy the fun with these two little dogs. Available in Kindle and Paperback editions. Written by our own Mustang Patty.

Get it here and be sure to leave Patty's book a review on Amazon.

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