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A book by our Harry Smith

In God's Pen author Harry C. Smith shares his hope for enlightenment and compassion through his powerful testament that exudes with personal conviction regarding alcohol and cigarette addition and his evocative poems that tell of struggle and hope from pain and distress: To experience this avant-garde work can purchase "God's Pen" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, Books A Million or Barnes and Noble.

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A book by our whitedesert

River of Dan is a science fiction novel that defines homo sapiens deep seated explorer spirit when confronted by a dying sun four and a half billion years from now, recreating the pioneering spirit brought about by the challenging environment they find themselves in and the will to survive. It follows these future earthlings as they finally break the bonds of science that had kept them in their own solar system, allowing travel to distant worlds light years away, seeking for a new home

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A book by our Mastery

A note from the author of Falling Up the Stairs:

Thanks to all who have supported me in this venture.

Some of the members on Fanstory have suggested the possibility of the book being adapted in a screenplay. I am pleased to announce that a screenplay is now a real possibility.

Other readers have expressed a desire to have a signed copy of the book. This can easily be accomplished by contacting me here.

Just released on Amazon! Only $20.95.

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