Humor Poetry posted May 24, 2019

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Chicken Little is not so little

Chicken Little

by Roxanna Andrews

The Sky is falling!

Henny Penny, (aka, Chicken Little), acting like a fool, 
ran in circles as chickens often do.

Something fell on her head, and she just knew,
the rest of the sky would fall on her too.

What was this thing that fell from the sky?
It was shiny, round and about four inches high.

Henny kicked it with her little chicken foot,
it rolled down the hill, she heard, "Kaput!"

She looked down the hill and the sphere began to rattle,
it burst open, and she was about to skedaddle,

When a little green bug came crawling out,
 "I'm coming for you!" She heard it shout.

"Well, I'll get you first, you look juicy and sweet."
So Henny gobble it up like a birthday treat.

The taste of it was not very yummy,
it wriggled and writhed inside of her tummy.

Then Chicken Little began to grow.
It happened quite fast, started down low.

Her feet were soon eighteen inches long,
That's when she knew something was terribly wrong!

Suddenly, she was six feet tall.
She turned green, grew fangs and a ten inch claw.

Chicken Little wasn't so little anymore.
She saw her chance to settle a score.

She'd get revenge for being bullied for years,
causing sleepless nights and so many tears.

She stomped to the barn, a good place to start,
where the cows had been mean and broken her heart.

The farmer in a tractor plowed his corn field.
He didn't see Henny. She was run over and killed!

The green bug, it crawled out of Henny's ear,
and into the rich, brown soil disappeared.

And just like a werewolf shot with a silver bullet,
Henny Penny shrunk back to the size of a pullet.

The farmer felt terrible. He held her, tears spilled.
Then Henny opened her eyes, it seemed she'd been healed.

Now she's back to normal, with no memory at all,
Of being afraid that the sky would fall.

She does wonder, though, about the really strange corn.
The cobs are six feet, green and have a ten inch horn.

Another silly fairy tale
*pullet-a young hen. Henny wasn't young but pullet rhymed with bullet. =}
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