General Fiction posted January 1, 2019

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Daisy get a toy she hates

The Ugly Dog Toy

by Roxanna Andrews

Daisy Terrier jumps up and down with excitement.

"Oh boy! Oh boy! It's Christmas. I love Christmas. Lots of snacks, opening presents. I love presents!

"Okay, Daisy girl, this ones for you."

"My turn!" Daisy tears into the gift. "Jingle bells, jingle bellllllllssss! Doggie toys, doggie toyyyyyssss!... What the heck is this? This is the ugliest thing I have ever seen. What am I supposed to do with it?"

"Do you like it girl?"


"It's the newest thing for dogs. It's supposed to help you use your brain more, stimulate it, you know. So you can learn more tricks."

"I'll show you a trick I just learned. How to flush a toy down the toilet. Don't put that thing in my face, no, I'm not playing with it!"

"Daisy! Quit looking away, come on girl, look, LOOK! It lights up and everything. Plays music too. It's great!"

"You think it's so great you play with it. I'm not going near it, except to get rid of it. I wonder if the neighbors have their bonfire going tonight."

"There you go, good girl. See I knew you would like it. You want out? Okay, but don't lose your toy."

"Oh, I think I might. I think a stray dog is going to steal it from me. I'll be really sad and mopey for about five seconds. Ah, fresh air, now, to ditch this thing. Hey, Sam! Come here! How ya doing buddy? Do you know there is an ancient tradition among dogs on Christmas."

"Really? What?"

"You honor your best dog friend by trading gifts. It goes way back to when we were wolves. The head wolf would give the cow leg he got from his wife to his best friend. It's a great tradition and I thought we could start it up again. I want to start by giving you my best Christmas gift." Daisy plops the hated gift down in front of Sam Bulldog.

"Wow, Daisy. Thanks so much! But I didn't get a Christmas gift. I don't have anything to give you." Sam hangs his head.

"Oh Sam, Sam, buddy. It's okay! Really, in fact it's perfect. I am honored to give you a gift. Now you have a Christmas gift. Isn't that great? You're my best friend and I couldn't think of anything else to do with, I mean anyone else I'd rather have this...great toy."

"You're the best, Daisy."

"Yes, I know. Merry Christmas, Sam."

"Hey, what is it anyway?"

Daisy backs away. "It's the latest cool toy for dogs, plays music! See ya, Sam!" Daisy turns and runs home.

"Daisy! Where is your new toy?"

"Well, you see, I was out playing like crazy with my great new toy, when this really big dog, I think he's a stray, came up and he wanted it. I fought for it, but it was no use, he was way bigger than me. I could have died!! Don't you see, I had to give it to him...."



Hope you enjoyed my doggie tale. =} Get it, doggie 'tale'. Anyway, Happy New Year to all my wonderful fellow FanStorians.

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