Satire Fiction posted December 24, 2017

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An unlikely story, and yet...

The Most Meaningful Fable Ever Told

by Ogden

(A glossary is available below, for any who wish to refresh their memory)

You could put the blame on his wealthy, disinterested parents. Unthinkingly, they allowed his servants the discretion, and an unlimited budget, for his upkeep.

The child, amazingly, was born with the gift of manipulation, and the servants were his first subjects. It began on his highchair, when no one was watching. He threw his spoon on the floor, and cried. A servant was quick to retrieve it, and the baby repeated the act several times, with the same result. He sensed that their eagerness to please him was, in reality, due to their fear of displeasing his parents. 

More significantly, he soon realized his parents didn't give a hoot about what his overseers did. That fact set the stage for his entire future!     

While these flunkies feared for their jobs, he demanded luxuries beyond the imagination of other privileged children his age. His wishes were obediently granted. 

That didn't last long. The servants soon were dismissed for their outrageous spending, at the bidding of their insatiable young master. The household staff soon came to view the child as the intolerable problem he was. Parental patience was short. They decided he wasn't worth the trouble, and sent him packing to an austere private military school for wealthy misfits, to learn manners and how to curb his impetuosity.   
It seemed to work. Chastened, and savvy, he emerged from his training, and followed in his father's shady real estate footsteps. In time, he earned the reputation in moneyed circles as an unprincipled con man, to be encountered only at one's own risk.   

Fast forward to 2016.

The child, now an unprincipled man-child, switched parties, lied and misrepresented opponents, and became a presidential candidate.

Skulduggery paid. He won! 

And the moral of the story is - Fables can be true, morals immoral. 

Write A Modern Fable writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a short fable-like story where the last sentence starts with: "And the moral of the story is". This can be on any subject, true or fictional, and can be in any voice, as long as the moral is stated in the last line. A new twist on an old fable is also allowed. Be creative and have fun! Maximum word count: 300

flunkies: brown-nosers
insatiable: having desires impossible to satisfy
austere: severe or strict
impetuosity: behavior of acting quickly, without thought or care
chastened: punished, especially by censure or reprimand
moneyed: rich; affluent
man-child: an immature man
skulduggery: underhanded or unscrupulous behavior

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