Letters and Diary Non-Fiction posted April 16, 2017

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Happy Easter 2017

Greetings from Calm Seas


It is a two-week respite, revitalization before the steepest climb to the summit of destiny for me. And, what a great surprise, the gift of a few hours Internet, and opportunity to reconnect! Such a pleasant, reinforcing and encouraging surprise to say hallo to FanStorians with whom I hope, perhaps a year hence, to share thoughts, creativity, inspiration, and life's enhancing nourishment and joy again.

Hallo everyone! How funny it is to look back on the struggles that began about a year ago. Struggles against accepting FanStory, that for my first six months seemed to be destined as the vehicle for fulfillment of my still maturing sense of life purpose, was just an adventurous, exploratory and exhilarating joy ride: a joy ride into a precious experience of community, so individually nourishing, and reinforcing.

But, I am not an artist. Writing is a gift of, and the vehicle for, the seasonal flowering of life for me. And, as last autumnal winds blew bringing forth our Victorian winter, I spent increasing time stuck in one black hole after another; accepting no-one could hear, understand, or help the withering of a world ego, no words could clearly define.

Spiritual senses, however, rise on the same breezes; and so it seems now, it was trying to balance ego and spiritual possibilities that blest my August -- September 2017, Byron Bay renewal. Returning to Byron Bay revitalized my need for, and faith in, the universal awakening of our potential and responsibilities as human co-creators of new life flowering on Earth at this time; and how the elder generations of world bridgers are crucial as we unfold and define both the autumn and winter seasons of life.

Booking this cruise, and another over Christmas and New Year, 2018, suddenly fired dreams of the previously unimagined hello, goodbye visit to England as the travel fulfilling luxury, I can happily see empowering and freeing me for the strongly felt final spring of destiny.

Quickly booked, it felt a gift timed by God to set me firmly on the path and purpose of my final two decades of this life; and only in its wake would I be gifted FanStory inspiration such that made my first months 2015-2016 a life-energizing treasure. However, this seed of destiny, dropped so excited by autumnal winds, was set to grow up - defining me anew in each relationship and activity every day on the Way.

The Way, I accept as the Way of Christ from me! Labeled as mentally sick by family and feared. Fears driven and deeply secured by the most self-protecting egotistic-labeling professions that form long established traditional western security. Within a week of sharing my hopes and dreams for a six-week visit to England, my youngest brother arrived in Australia to obliterate the whole reality of all my past seasonal flowerings.

So, like Humpty Dumpty, here am I with some pieces gathered from shattered protective ego shells coming together as the new I. I AM that God is nurturing to be. To unfold life anew as a child of God, nurtured by the loving gifts of those readied to support and empower my reaching out to life anew. To become, and adventure to England in the totally new light of their summer, more than two decades after setting foot on those beloved green lands, of great memories and joys. Memories, hopes, and expectations, that would have exploded devastatingly and disastrously on those green pastures, but for the totally unexpected disaster of big, baby brother Joe's arrival in OZ to change all my previous Christmas and New Year plans. Yet, in doing so, he secured me firmly earthed from the Fanstorian black holes of last fall, to grow anew through the tangled jungles of mankind, and flower fully - radiating all life is and wills to unfold and can be -- love.

So this tender little seed, free of all past, even thoughts of FanStory, a few days prior to Christmas 2017 faced survival as a very alone, fragile fully human being. Like, of course, every Christ Child and soul, seeded on Earth to be nurtured by nature and God.

Four months after my shattering egotistic breakdown, and explosive break through, and freedom from soils and limiting securities of past, I am toddling well with a new sense of self; and gaining a deepening and enlightened reflection on the intergenerational ripening of humanity, amongst the increasing chaos of the World egos. Most ancient world egos and establishments that are still blessedly driven like the dinosaur, keeping the past together whilst we fully develop and define our true humanity.

The biggest scientific, spiritual and human break-down-through and all life revitalizing transcendence is again on the horizons I am blest to see. And, a growing sense of excitement gifts a gentle confidence and joy. The joy of knowing, once again, I will journey to England with the amazing grace of God, and in that love and delight will adventure with trust that our parental extending family tree, like that old Fig Tree, and mighty Earth Tree and Trees, so vital to life, will be revitalized for our long- awaited and Divinely Planned Golden Millennium of co-creation and re-creation of love and life on Mother Earth.

What is God's plan? What is the universal plan? Hope? And our part in it?
Hopefully, I will renew my FanStory membership, and be ripe to share again next year. And, in that glorious light, Words will inspire thoughts and new life as we begin to realize our Golden Millennium seeded in the depth of our human becoming, potential, joy and response-ability of being, and gifts and hopes of seeing. Until then, thanks for inspiring me anew. I hope you'll enjoy a gift of my sailing, not for review.

Maureen Garrett: Easter Sunday, 16.4.2017 -- Sailing home, Noumea, New Caledonia, to Melbourne, Australia

Thanks everyone for inspiration and Easter thoughts
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