Biographical Poetry posted November 9, 2015

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A unique outback town in Australian history



What a special gift to Australian community!
Unique piece of history
Founded by Chinese miners
Banned from disembarking in Melbourne's City
As a global gold rush broke the colonial hush
Of stately gentlemen pioneering global markets
Securing the British Flag
Breeding its work force
And Her Majestic ruling of the waves
Lorded gentlemen, heroes, pioneers, convicts, slaves
And new wealth
Definitely not yet commonwealth
Glorious, victorious, Victoria!

It inspired the Chinaman's heart
As he disembarked then
Possibly driven by the same inner spirit of this day when
Millions risk life's majestic seas
To roam
Hoping, praying, striving
For a place to call home
A place to gift all for life
In those days with few wives
Few children to give meaning or raise compassion
Amongst the rejection, the slog, and strife!

No room in the Inns
No place in the Establishment
As 2000 years before they walked
Few donkeys, even shuttered doors
Having disembarked at Robe in South Australia
To walk a strange wilderness
It's bush yet to be decimated
No manger for strange animals
Never herded, domesticated!

Miles they plodded with chattels and all
Carried by many so poor
Setting out from Melbourne city
To collide as one striving, mushrooming community
Seeing New Life in a spirit of unity
They embodied commonwealth as the heart of humanity

A gifted Chinese trait
We Seniors felt, hosted in Ararat, 2015
Starting an Historic tour and day
To begin our stay
Flowering now in poetry
With all the wonder Ararat gifted to me!

So much organisation!
Such a great welcome!
A happy group, refreshed
We rose with the spirit
Of this unique place
A Museum founded and flowering
On a Chinese gold mine
A knowledgeable volunteer relates
Transforming traditional gold-rush stories
Colonial cruelty, hardship, and glory
To reveal this `Land Under our Southern Cross'
Was re-seeded in a larger plan for humanity
As it is becoming
And can be experienced to be
In Ararat's cosmopolitan meeting space
The deepest spiritual place
Of Indigenous soils
And Mankind's toils
All nourishing the Greatest Knowledge Tree
And stories in Ararat's welcoming community
With a flowering of creativity, spirit and place
Blessing us as we listened and interlaced
Hosted by such a special community!

My friend and I were so uplifted and happy
As Victorian Senior's to disembark from Melbourne's City!



Victoria's Senior's festival is now a much looked forward to annual event focused by a full week of free public transport. It offers a varied treasure trove of events to enrich the lives, celebrate, and support the participation of seniors within the mix of Victoria's communities. It is a welcome opportunity for many country people to visit Melbourne, meet friends or relatives, and enjoy a wide variety of cultural gifts. And, it encourages others like myself to explore further and enjoy the special attributes and gifts of our very diverse communities. 2014 an oil painting session tempted me to Ararat for the day. This year Ostrich Egg painting inspired three days with friend Cheryl enjoying the town, community and its very special offerings for seniors and tourists in general. Next year we are both looking forward to the possibility of a different workshop, perhaps tour also, and time to return again to its museums and enjoy the unique spirit and diversity of its special space.
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