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My look on equality

Open your heart

by justafan

Leaving my usual genre behind for a moment here.

This is an open letter for my daughter 
Sonnette (yes, that is her real name) and the picture is my child.

June, the Supreme Court will make a decision or a series of decisions on the Marriage Act.

This decision will not affect life as the majority of us know it. But, for some it will give peace of mind and protection under the law that has been denied them since the dawn of civilization.

That's right, the Gay and Lesbian community.

Think for just a moment, how you would feel if you loved another and were told that you couldn't be with them. You were made to feel less worthy.

If you had been with the same partner for 20 or 30 years and were confronted with an illness or a life and death situation and you were not allowed to make that critical decision about their care.

Perhaps you have a son or a daughter and they are trapped inside, hiding who they really are, because of how they know they would be perceived by you, their parents. Then they chose instead of being seen as an abomination, to take their own life.

These are just a very few of the very real challenges and corners the LGBT community has been facing for years, with no way out.

Some of you may grab your Bible and say "Call on God" or "Go to church".

Let me just tell you what my daughter and I encountered down that road, ok.

I had talked my daughter into coming to church with me and hearing this new preacher. The church was new to us as well, but the preacher was charismatic and gave us moments to think of. She agreed and seemed happy for the first time in a long time.

So happy in fact that she wanted to sing in the church. She asked and was given permission to pick out a song of her choice.

The following Sunday after church, my husband, myself, 
Sonnette and her partner were having lunch at a local restaurant when members of the church along with the preacher came in.

When the preacher approached our table I introduced Sonnette's partner as her girlfriend. For a little background of this partner for you, I will tell you she is a Captain with the Fire Department/Paramedic and also a Chief in the Navy.

The next Sunday after church while shaking hands with the preacher, he asked me to meet him in the sanctuary of the church. There in the house of God, where confession is made and souls are laid bare this preacher told me that my daughter would not be allowed to sing or do anything in his church that might make others look up to her.

LOOK UP TO HER... Oh my god. This girl is a 911 operator who was just recognized by the city for her handling of a call with a distraught 
first-time dad with his baby not breathing. She talked the dad through CPR on the baby and she was breathing before the Paramedics arrived on scene. How is that not someone you would want to admire?

Please tell me if your God would turn their back on a woman such as this. Not allow her to sing his praise with the voice he blessed her with!

Needless to say, my family has not darkened the doors of that building again because my God did not dwell there.

Am I sounding angry? Perhaps. Probably, but I want to be heard and let it be known that it's not easy to be gay, lesbian or transgender. It is NOT a choice.

With all that for you to consider, this June the Supreme Court has the opportunity to allow all of the LGBT community to be at last treated like every other American citizen.

Be protected by the same laws you and I are now afforded.

So before you think to put a hate message on social media just remember those gay and lesbian mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles are part of families and we are tired of watching our loved ones treated like second class citizens.

Not worthy to be married.

Not worthy to be allowed to make critical decisions about health care for partners.

Not worthy to be included in Federal and State Hate Crime statutes.

I stand beside my daughter because even if she is in her 30's (sorry 
sonnygirl), she is still my baby and I love her with my whole heart.

It is my prayer that this touches some of you.

The decision by the court is to be released in June. I for one am praying for relief and a sense of at last being treated as an equal through the eyes of the laws of our great country.

So, for or my child and all those who see love without prejudice, let this decision close the books on discrimination in our great country.

Lastly, for my darling daughter... Sonnette Michelle Buzbee, your rainbow mom loves you!!!


This is my life and the love and the feelings expressed are my own. I am promoting this again because the decision is imminent.
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