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Relationship between father and daughter

Daddy's Little Girl

by gramalot8

 I'm Daddy's little girl!  
There was never ever a doubt in my heart.
My early memories are joyful reminders of imagination and love:

Look at me! I'm waltzing!!  
Perched precariously on Daddy's feet, we'd twirl furiously fast then dreamingly slow,
Swaying to the melodious Gershwin sounds.

I remember him singing our favorite church song:
Daddy, can I sing along?
                            "There is beauty all around, when there's love at home."
                            "There is joy in every sound, when there's love at home."

Oh, the fun we'd share, when together we'd play:
Faster, Daddy, Faster, I'd yell.
And as he swung me furiously round and round,
I never feared he'd ever let me fall.

Lying side by side on earth's green blanket of grass, we'd gaze at  bulbous clouds in the heavens sky, 
Daddy, I'd ask... Tell me what you see....
He'd laugh and say,  I see two clouds lying side by side.  Look real close.... they're you and me!
And I'd giggle as I watched the clouds float gently by.

As years move swiftly on, I'd grumble:  
Daddy, I am not a child anymore!
But, darn it!  He was always there! ( in case you hadn't already guessed, I didn't want him hovering so near.)

OH, Daddy, you are such a nerd!  Do you have to do (or say, or act, or show that) just right now?
But then and again, when I was hurt, or sad or just plain mad, I would regress and become
Daddy's little girl once more.

Daddy, Will you walk me down the aisle?  
Those dreaded  words could bring tears to many a daddy's eyes.
But mine wept them in secret and lovingly offered his arm to me.
Daddy's little girl was now a Princess for another Prince Charming.

Hey, there, Grampa!  Isn't she the most beautiful baby you've ever seen?

And daddy would wisely nod and agree.  

(Though we both knew that wasn't entirely true)  
His own little girl was the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen.

And then it was over.  Daddy's little girl slumped down upon that once cherished green blanket of grass.  A flood of memories swept over me as I listened to the sirens screechy sound racing down the street.
I wondered:
How am I still breathing?  Isn't my piercing heartpain as deadly as his appears to be?

I grieved as I listened to his graspy, rattled breaths.
 I want  to be selfish !  
You can't leave!
 I still need to be Daddy's little girl!

Slow tinging bells pounded through the stillness of the sterile room.  
A bleeding tear escaped my swollen  eyes.
Grasping his cold, clammy hand, I held it close to my own wildly beating heart.  
I knew I had unwillingly grown up.

Daddy,  It's okay! You're allowed to go to sleep now.
We'll  miss you, but, we will be okay!
I'm a big girl now!

(Though we both knew that wasn't entirely true.)
I am, and always will be, Daddy's little girl!

Father's Day contest entry


I hope you enjoy this free verse of my relationship over the years with my dad. After 26 years of unselfish love, I stood over my dad and unwillingly let him go. He died at only 51 years of age. And his little girl still feels the pain 36 years later.
Thanks to Yesunion for allowing this picture to accompany my poem.

Words from the song; "Love at Home" A hymn loved and adored by my entire family for many years.
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