General Fiction posted March 12, 2024

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When listening is not enough

Just Listen

by gramalot8

Um... hi... it's me! Please don't hang up. We need to talk! Will you just please listen to me?
Why should I listen to you?
Because no matter what... we love each other ... right? We do, right?
I don't know right now! It's just ... well... you really hurt my feelings this time!
If I did, I'm really sorry! I didn't mean to.. But I've been going through a lot right...

.... No! Stop! Don't go there!! You always bring it around to you... what you're going through. And that's not an acceptable excuse this time! 
But won't you just listen, let me explain. Just listen... please? I'm sorry. It's just, it's just, well, you know the things have been rough lately what with...
No! No! STOP!  You're still doing it! It's not about you and your rough times! It's about how you treat me during those rough times. You're not ready to really listen to yourself or me... so no, we can't talk right now til you're ready to listen ... to yourself and to me. 
Fine, be that way! If you can't just talk or accept my apology just as it is, then fine...
No! I'm gonna hang up  now...
No... wait... please wait! I'm sorry, I  promise I'm listening!  Hello? Hello?
Fine! Hang up then, See if I care!

Dialogue Only Writing Contest contest entry


When communicating issues become a barrier.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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