General Poetry posted August 25, 2023

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He wasn't fast

Flash the Dragon

by Roxanna Andrews

Little Flash was not a fast Dragon.

Some said his name should be “Dragging Your Wagon”.


In the flame throwing contests he came in last,

so he didn’t have a flame and he wasn’t fast.


The other dragon children made fun of him

This caused his outlook to grow very dim.


Teasing made Flash hurt right to his soul,

So he ran away and fell into a deep hole


He landed in water up to his ears.

“What shall I do?” Said Flash, he was close to tears.


There were dragons in the cave, for Flash heard voices,

and the dragons were making some very bad choices


“We’ll take over the dragons and we’ll be in charge.”

Flash kept very quiet for the dragons were large.


“We will tell them all they must obey,

and do everything that we say.”


“I must tell the others about what was said.

I must tell them the plans of Big Al and Big Fred.”


But what should he do, he didn’t fly fast,

They would see him if he tried to sneak past.


He decided to swim, it was all he could do,

so he dived and paddled

and away he flew.

He was fast in the water,

who knew?


His flame underwater, it was just right

like using a very bright flashlight.


Soon he was out of the cave, it was time to soar

and close to his home, he let out a huge roar!


Everyone came running, they came very fast

and were surprised to see

the huge roar came from Flash.


He told them the plans of Big Al and Big Fred

and all of the things the big dragons had said.


Then Flash, he helped them prepare

for an attack that was sure to come from the air.


Now he was a hero, his parents were proud,

and over him hung no more a dark cloud.


No more teasing from the children,

they thought him quite brave.

Because of Flash the day had been saved .


I wrote this for a children's poem contest but I missed the deadline. =[
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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