Biographical Non-Fiction posted July 11, 2023

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A true story

The Return of the Turtle

by damommy

Story of the Month Contest Winner 

A while back, the two big dogs that lived behind me were finally able to break a hole in my privacy fence, and I lost some of my box turtles.  It wasn’t about escaping,  just a matter of new territory to explore.  They will return to their home, that is, if nothing happens to them before they can.  Few did.

I had raised some of them from eggs, so they were very special to me.  When I saw where they were laid, I would dig them up and incubate them, otherwise, racoons will dig them up and eat them.

It was months later when some of them found their way back.  Once, I returned home to find one standing at the bottom of the porch steps, trying to get to the door.  Bless his heart.

The most memorable return was by a neighbor who had found this turtle in his yard and knew it was probably mine.  When I answered the door, there he stood with a box turtle firmly shut up in his shell.  Keep this in mind.

As he explained finding it, I’d not spoken yet, but I recognized the markings on the turtle’s shell as being one of mine.  (Even turtles’ faces don’t look alike if you get to know them well.  Some answer to their name.  They make great house pets, and get along well with other animals, and they are very neat and clean.)

Anyway, back to the story.  When I finally spoke and said, “Yes, it’s mine.  I recognize the shell,” it was then the turtle shot his head out of his shell.  He recognized my voice!

I think he was as happy to see me as I was to see him.

Story of the Month
Contest Winner


This is a true story. I was especially thankful my big pond turtle didn't get out. She's nearly 100 years old, according to the zoo vet. She eats from my hand, so now, the others to do so, too.

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