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Super Pig saves a tiny lost owl

Super Pig and Evelyn Elf Owl

by Roxanna Andrews

I will search for my lost ones who strayed away, and I will bring them safely home again. Ezekiel 34:16
Evelyn Elf Owl, called Evie for short,  hid in the crevice of a pine tree limb. She had slept there all night, taking shelter from a storm. She had gotten separated from her family during the downpour. Just two inches high and weighing only an ounce, the heavy rain had been too much for the tiny owl. She had given up the search for her family and flown to the pine tree whose branches gave her protection from the rain and strong winds

She woke early in the morning and her large owl eyes searched the sky for any sign of her family. She hooted again and again, but no one answered her cries. There was no sign of her mom and dad. Feeling very lonely and afraid, Evie looked around her for a place she could stay until her family found her.

Running along side of the tree was a wooden fence and just over the fence was a big red barn. That would be a good place to stay. The strong, thick walls and hay would keep her safe and warm.

The tiny owl flapped her wings a few times, testing to make sure they were dry. She had only been flying a little while and was still a bit wobbly. Evie saw an open window at the top of the barn and flew to it. She looked inside. There was lots of hay, and she could hear animals snoring. She flew inside and hopped along the barn loft floor and looked over the edge. Below her she saw a cow, a horse, a lamb and a pig, all still asleep in their pens and stalls. There were also a few chickens sleeping beside the cow.

Pinky Pig stirred and opened her eyes. Evie saw her and quickly stepped back so the pig wouldn't see her.

But Pinky had seen the tiny owl. "Hi little owl, my name is Pinky. You can come down, no one will hurt you. Are you okay, do you need help?"

Evie looked down at Pinky. "Hi, my name is Evelyn but you can call me Evie. I was with my family and a big storm came up and we got separated. This barn looked like a safe place to stay until they find me. You don't mind if I stay here do you?"

"No, not at all. You can stay as long as you need to. I'm sure your mom and dad will find you soon," Pinky told Evie, but deep inside she wasn't so sure. How would the parents know where to look for their baby?




Elf Owls are the smallest of the owls. They reach 5 inches in height and weigh only 5 ounces as adults. They have a wing span of only 9 inches. They are rare but not endangered. They live mainly in the warmer states like Arizona and will migrate for the winter to Mexico if they live in a state that has snow or has freezing temps. Their hoot sounds just like a hoot, but if they feel threatened will bark like a dog and snap it's jaws. They eat insects, what else when you are that tiny. The Elf Owl in the story is named for my new great niece born in April. I hope to get the story printed and give it to her, well her parents at this point, they can read it to her one day.
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