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Iona writes a letter to Luna

A chapter in the book Rise from the Fall

Dear Luna

by Rinshikai

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.
The author has placed a warning on this post for language.

Colton Arverni is an auxiliary soldier in service to the Empire. When an aspiring new commander jeopardizes the northern frontier, Colton's life is changed forever.


Fuck, why is this so fucking hard. I slump back in my chair, my thoughts somewhere else. Give me a sword, and I can fight without fear, but quill and ink, and I'm paralyzed. I lean forward, the parchment mocking me, unafraid of joining its crumpled comrades on the floor. Resting my head, I sigh in defeat.
I have to tell Luna what happened. But I can't get the words out, no matter how many times I try. How can I tell her that I failed her, that I failed to protect Colton? Tears threaten to leave my eyes, and I want to curl up and cry. However, the door to my chambers creaks open.
"Go away," I say, not wanting any company. Yet footsteps enter my room. Without even thinking, I go for my knife. Once the shadow is behind me, I strike only to find my blade at Hunter's throat.
"You're getting better," he says, calming, pulling the blade from my hand. "Next time, make sure to plant your feet." He presses the hilt of my knife to my stomach, pushing me onto my desk. Hunter offers a bowl of stew, my gut growls like a beast, and my face gets warm.
"Told ya." Triana's words feel my ears as she sits beside me, eating some bread. "You've been here for two days, and we were starting to worry." She eyes the floor. "Still can't get the words to parchment?"
'What do you think?" I start eating. "This is a personal letter, but if it's intercepted..."
Hunter takes me by the chin, and we lock eyes. "I'll have it delivered with my reports to Giselle. It won't be intercepted, I promise." His words and calm demeanor reassure me. No matter the situation, he's always in control. "You're not alone, Iona." He leaves the room.
Before she leaves, Triana turns around and leans in the doorway. "Tell her what happened and that you love her. That's all she needs to hear." With a wink and smile, she's gone.
Alone with my thoughts, I finish my meal. Getting back to the task, I find a note with some rouge and a tiny perfume vial. Opening it, I read Triana's handwriting. "'For a personal touch." Laughing a the idea, I take her advice. Quill in hand, I start writing.

Barely a year has passed since we embraced, and there's so much I must tell you. The enemy was ruthless, and our so-called friends left us for dead. Had Hunter not saved us, I would not be writing these words.

In this snow-covered plain, I find myself standing on the battlements of Bloodcrest with what's left of our men. The winter winds try to hide the horrors that stain this land, but like the Scar, it's left its mark.

We won. We took the head of the Bloody Bear, but it cost us dearly. Hahaku took a blade to the stomach, and I had to make one of the hardest choices in my life. Even worse, Colton was shot and taken in the chaos.

Tristan and Becka caught the man responsible, and all three traveled North to bring Colton home. Now it falls to me to ensure they have a home when they return. It's strange for so long, I wanted land to call my own, and now that I have it, I'm at a loss.

Bloodcrest Keep is ours now. We have ample men to defend ourselves, but it will take more than soldiers to rebuild what was lost. So, I offered our captives a choice, the Empire, the North, or join me. Though this new alliance is fragile, we have a chance to make it work. I trust Triana, Hunter, and Locke, but they don't know me as you do. I wish you were here, counseling me like you always have. Gods only know I need it. It will be a hard road, but we will rise from this fall.

Stay safe, my love.

It's not poetry, but it's the best I can do. Dyeing my lips, I sign it with a kiss, adding a drop of perfume for good measure. Once dry, I seal it, praying for the strength to endure.                 

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POV character: Iona

I ask reviewers to provide a minimum of one thing they liked and disliked. If you see errors or something that should be fixed, please don't hesitate to point them out. I can't improve otherwise.

This will be the final chapter of this book. And I will be either working on the next one, or I'll start a series of short stories to flush out my world. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to review my work. It's been a great help.

Edit: This chapter was originally just the letter portion. Taking feedback, I've added more to the scene.
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