General Poetry posted July 21, 2021

This work has reached the exceptional level
a Sheshire poem

Weed or Flower?

by damommy

Though some consider them a weed,
the tickseed coreopsis blooms
are welcome in my flower bed,
a favorite of mine, indeed.
But they don’t like me, I assume,
because the ones I’ve sown are dead.
A brown eye set in cheery face
can brighten everything around,
and grow in places but my yard.
I still attempt, in any case,
and hope their blossoms soon abound,
but seems my garden has been barred.
They stand so proud on spindly stems
and flow which way the breezes blow
as seed are carried on the air,
then stand again like random gems.
In groups, they make a splendid show,
and please the eye with gilded flair.
These flowers/weeds are lovely things,
and when I see them, my heart sings.




The Sheshire is comprised of three stanzas of 6 lines with a rhyme scheme of either ABABAB or ABCABC. Completed by a rhymed couplet.
Each line has the same number of syllables. The one exception to this is the last line, which may have up to six additional syllables. The additional syllables must a phrase that is set aside (by parenthesis or dashes, for example). If this aside is removed, the correct syllable count would be there and the line would remain a reasonable sentence.
Structure, Metrical Requirement, Rhyme Scheme Requirement, Isosyllabic, Pivot Requirement
Rhyme: ababab or abcabc
Total scheme:
ababab cdcdcd efefef gg or
abcabc defdef ghighi jj

Six lines per stanza
Poem length: 20 lines
!. Each stanza should have a shift in tone. The ending couplet should leave the reader (or at least the poet) with a grin. It can be a darkly ironic grin, but a grin, nonetheless.
2. The derivation is from the Hebrew words shesh and shir or shira meaning six poem.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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