Contest Vote For Temptation Poetry

The voting has ended. Showing the final vote count.

13 votes I Was Tempted by HarryT
5 votes The Pleasure's Mine by Chrissy710
4 votes Platter Chatter by jim vecchio
4 votes Temptation by Lisasview
3 votes You want to drag? by Gunner Lil
3 votes The Unwanted Visitor by Claire Tennant
2 votes Consequence by Glenda Collins
1 Vote I Crave for Money by Raul1

Comments For I Was Tempted by HarryT


I had three I really liked, but this seemed the most complex, smooth flowing and on topic. Good job to everybody!

Comments For Platter Chatter by jim vecchio

I enjoyed this one best!

This poem really dishes it out!

Food is where most people's temptations lie, and this was well done. No pun intended. I could relate.

Comments For Temptation by Lisasview

If I keep reading this one, I can turn down my furnace and save on the heating bill. Hot!

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