Contest Vote For 1-9-1 Poem

The voting has ended. Showing the final vote count.

9 votes Undefined by Wils
6 votes Heaven or Hell by Chrissy710
6 votes Adrift by tld100
5 votes Change Needed by Boogienights
2 votes Thankful for the Sun by HarryT
2 votes Work With by DragonSkulls
1 Vote Traffic by Raul1
1 Vote Infants Are Demanding by Katherine M. (k-11)

Comments For Undefined by Wils

The message, and flow of this one is solid. The title represents that message well.

This poem was among the four I really liked, but this one had an artwork that made me chuckle. That's a big deal.

Comments For Adrift by tld100

best poem, has a strong emotion

Felt this one.

Comments For Change Needed by Boogienights

This is the winner!


Love this one.

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