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The voting has ended. Showing the final vote count.

7 votes A Concert to Remember by Y. M. Roger
6 votes Museum Trip by Boogienights
3 votes A Simple Age by BethShelby
2 votes My Heart Will Crack by LisaMay
No Votes Belongings Of The Past by Marjon van Bruggen

Comments For A Concert to Remember by Y. M. Roger

Wow, I loved this entry for the Memories Writing prompt contest. Instantly I was captured by the rythm and rhyme, and how smoothly and lyrically it flowed. I think it's a winner. Good luck in the contest. The rating slide bar didn't allow me to select any rating. My choice would be a six.

Comments For Museum Trip by Boogienights

This poem is so sweet! I love it!

Love it!

Comments For My Heart Will Crack by LisaMay

By far and away best of class. This made me cry!

Pure emotion... so moving.

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