Comments For Ten Words for Poets by elainec4

exquisite! xx

Wise words all poets should consider.

Comments For Your Indecision by lyenochka

Very creative words and imagery.

Comments For The Past by Brigitte Elko

It's the best!

Comments For Forgiveness a Must by IndigoLady

love the phrase 'Heaven or Bust'
good lessons here

Comments For Logging in by DALLAS01

I like this ten-word post because in only ten words it has summed up most, if not all, the negatives of logging into those pain in the but, online invitations. We all have to be so careful that we do not allow our curiosities to trap us or lead us down that unnecessary road. There is also too many scam artists online. Great job!

Comments For Why Do Lemmings Leap by BlueMarble

It made me laugh!

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