Best Writing Contests of 2022, recommended by Reedsy

Best Writing Contests of 2022

FanStory, recommended by Reedsy
Reedsy has announced that a number of FanStory writing contests have been selected as the best writing contests of 2022! We've shared some of them here.


3-6-9 Poetry Contest
A variation of the Haiku but with a strict syllable count. This poetry contest challenges you to write a poem with only 18 syllables and three lines. It's fun and creative. Cash Prize!

Haiku Poetry Contest
A Haiku is a poem that also only uses three lines. But usually it's focus is nature. There is also a little flexibility on the syllable count. Cash Prize!

Take A Photo Poetry
Take a photo of anything. Write a poem about it. This poetry contest demonstrates the creativity and sometimes great emotion a photo can bring. Cash Prize!


Share Your Story
We all have stories to share. Some stories, perhaps, that we'd like to forget. This contest encourages you to share a little bit about your life experience. Cash Prize!

True Story Flash
Our true story flash writing contest gives you the fun of writing a flash story. But this time a true story. Can you share a true story with 100 words? Cash Prize!

Western Writing Contest
This story has no limits. Well, outside of its western theme. Some of the best stories ever written were westerns. Now is your chance! Cash Prize!

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