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My Furry Family

Life would be lonely without them.

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Comment from WryWriter
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This is an excellent commentary about how much animals bring joy and love into our lives. The photo is great and fits this theme perfectly. I especially liked the last line--so true! A few suggestions for you to consider:

"There is nothing more heart warming then being greeted by wagging tails (omit ,) (use "and") joyful meows after a long day out."

No need to skip spaces before punctuation marks.

I really enjoyed reading this. I am an animal lover, too. Hope to read more of your great commentaries!

 Comment Written 21-Dec-2018

reply by the author on 22-Dec-2018
    Thank you Wrywriter for your positve input ..grammar is not my strong point.

    Glad you enjoyed the read despite my wording is not very rich...but I'm improving. I started writing last July for the first time ..I never knew there were so many types of poems.

    I love that father took it while Abdullah and I were "making out " [biggrin]. I still remember that Summer day like it were yesterday..It's sad that ( specially) big dogs dont live long . Adbullah made 11 years , our oldest cat nearly 19 .

reply by WryWriter on 22-Dec-2018
    What a wonderful memory to hold dear! :)
Comment from meeshu
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a wonderful story and I can appreciate your love for animals. I have had two cats and three dogs close enough that I could communicate on a 'private' level. people think I'm nuts, let 'em..

 Comment Written 20-Dec-2018

reply by the author on 22-Dec-2018
    Ciao meeshu ! the contest is over so I can now thank you better for your lovely review.. My mamma share my love for animals , my father less ..he was always looking at the economical side ..yet he did love it when the "boys" came around him when he was gardening . He also loved taking Abdullah out for his walks.

    I love bushing them and just listening to my cats purring on my lap ..such a relaxing feeling ...and they are the perrrfecct bed warmers.

    I hope you have a peaceful weekend, meeshu


    PS. I don't care what people think of me either , to hell with them ...(biggrin)
Comment from Kerry Robinson
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Awe..... This is so adorable. The entire thing. First I must say the picture is so cute of you two. Awe... I really want to get a dog. ­???. I've had cats and dogs too. They are just so sweet and the loyalist of friends. They do sense when you need a hug and are there for you. I love this little story. This is an excellent entry. Good luck. ­??©Kerry­???

 Comment Written 20-Dec-2018