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What a Waste!

Nuclear War, such a drag.

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Comment from Liberty Justice
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SIX STARS 6****** Congrats! Looks like you won and were the only competitor. Your story about North Korea and the President is very interesting. Indeed, you gave an entire historical chronological story of events and world conversations between leaders and you were very comprehensive. GREAT JOB. liberty justice

 Comment Written 03-Feb-2018

reply by the author on 04-Feb-2018
    Well, am I surprised? I was going on the track that for some reason no one really got into my story. I happen to think it's one of the best pieces I've written. It flows well between facts about the totalitarian nature of the North Korean government, and the bits of humor that I had in there as well.

    I kind of went light on Trump, which is not like me, but I figured he could use a break. Although I did get a few good shots in there.

    Thank you very much for the six-star rating. I was frankly surprised as I have already stated. I just noticed that this was given to me by Liberty.

    It seems that I have a fan and a new friend! And I'm finding out that friends can truly come in very handy.
Comment from Sharon Meda
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I think this is an interesting entry for the 'My Missille is Bigger Than Yours' writing prompt.
Your story is clear.
Good luck to you with the competition.

 Comment Written 29-Jan-2018

Comment from Ricky1024
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This isn't average piece way too long as I got about halfway through it I started to get bored so I just skimmed it to the end should have split it up into two sections that allow the reader to know how many words it was going to be so they could do the same thing was kind of trashy dr. Ricky 1024

 Comment Written 29-Jan-2018

reply by the author on 29-Jan-2018
    Thanks for the constructive criticism.