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Accidently Yours

My thoughts on Jay and His Death.

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Comment from tbacha58
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"I Love the "Very Breath of You...
"I Love those "Silly Things" you used to Do...
"I Loved Your "Sweet, Sweet, Smile."
"And, all of those Precious Moments we shared...
"All now seems to have "Vanished in Thin Air."

Hi Ricky, here I am again sharing your sadness as a mother. What you write is so much heartfelt, so lonely, so sad, the agony you are in 24 hours after 24 hours is so sad. But you will never ever be the same, AS IT YEARS YEARS THAT YOU ARE MOURNING YOU BEAUTIFUL JASON, AND THEN HIS MOTHER YOUR BELOVED WIFE. God be with you and give you the courage and health to go on. My thoughts are with . Much love Ricky. Take care. Terry xoxo

 Comment Written 24-Oct-2018

reply by the author on 24-Oct-2018
    Thanks My Dear forever.
Comment from Asem.inspirations
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Hello again, Ricky: I see that you have won this contest and so deservedly. This is a touching poem about the loss of your son and the fact that he saved lives though the donation of his organs. This is such a loving act. I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing the news paper article and the pictures. It really does help my curiosity about it all. My heart continues to be with you. Congratulations on your win.

 Comment Written 14-Dec-2017

reply by the author on 14-Dec-2017
    Thanks mystere it's funny that you picked that cuz that piece was written I think about it a little over a year and a half ago maybe longer I don't enter the contest mostly because I feel the rigged the ones that you see that win them all the time of the ones that are popular and and they trade back and forth with their friends doing these contests reviews and they enter all the contest even some of the stupid one sentence six word contest which I think is a bunch of bunch of crap in the trocious to even bother you can make a contest for writing do it and make it a good one like write a Christmas story about a true event or or write a religious peace about birth of Jesus Christ for the his birth month something worthy that makes sense you know not these stupid 575 contest but thanks for
    reviewing this
    Dr.Ricky 1024
Comment from JACK2
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This is a true letter from a parent that clearly turned a tragic loss into 4 miracles. If your son was listening he knows how much you care and he doesn't want you to despair. He knows how much you miss him how much you care. As the reader you made me aware what you had to bear. Nicely written to remember your son.

 Comment Written 01-Aug-2017

reply by the author on 02-Aug-2017
    Thanks JACK2.
    Truly appreciate it when someone reviews and respects my work for Jason.
    Dr. Ricky 1024.
reply by JACK2 on 02-Aug-2017
    you are welcome ricky.
Comment from BOO ghost
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He saved four lives as an organ Donner. Now, he is hero in BOO's book. Maybe god chose Jason to save others. I know you are sad with grief, a mother's love. Let me read more. His heart still beats in another. In a way he is still here. Only 18, that is sad. it is hard to review things drastic like this. this is more than a poem. It is life told by another and so -- so sad. BOO knows that a nugget will not matter much.Maybe talking about it makes the pain a little less. can not know your emotions unless BOO was you. You said you loved his sweet smile. That is something that will always be in your memory until you meet him in heaven. No pain there and he is not suffering there. is at peace and I think he would want you happy and smiling like him. Forgive BOO,he does not have a nugget, only five stars but this is not about stars,this is reality and about a hero who gave his heart.

BOO Ghost

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 Comment Written 01-Aug-2017

reply by the author on 01-Aug-2017
    "Maybe God Chose Jay to Save Lives?"
    "The picture in "The Asbury Park Press" Stated so."
    "He is thinking of something...
    "And my grand daughter Sasha Lynn Drum...
    {Just graduated High School...
    "Shows with her smile and "Out Stretched Arms...
    "That my "Uncle Jay" is an Angel to be...
    "Something to ponder this picture taken just 20 minutes before...
    "The Accident."
    "Something His Father Above told him...
    "As Christ Knew He would Die for "Our Sins."
    "Perhaps Jason knew too, His time was du?"
    Dr. Ricky 1024 and "Jay" thanks...
    "The BOO!"
reply by BOO ghost on 01-Aug-2017
    Your real story touches the heart. God protect and bless you. BOO