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Comment from granny goes viral
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Hi friend. I don't think it is leadership that is lacking, I believe we are just starting to see something that most people are totally shocked by. Shock does take time to recover from. I also fear that nothing we of the rational world can do, will be able to stop these irrational acts. I really do. That said, these irrational acts should not shut up rational voices or pens.

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 Comment Written 10-Jan-2015

reply by the author on 10-Jan-2015
    Hi Sheila. Oh contraire--leadership of ALL nations plays a huge part. Terrorism is nothing new. It has been going on for years and years, and as long as it was confined to the middle east and other places we empathized for a day and then forgot about it. Now as terrorism is hitting all around the globe people are fearful that it will come here (and it will) and waking up. All of Europe and England are simmering pots of multiculturalism that has come back to bite them in the ass. Actually, I am of two minds on this subject and that is--just because we have the right to say, write, depict whatever we want in print or cartoons--should we actually do that? Self monitoring of vile comments should be incorporated into our judgment. My next piece a 5-7-5 expresses this POV.
reply by granny goes viral on 10-Jan-2015
    Interesting POV. However, do you not consider "slavery" terrorism? Or the Inquisition, terrorism? Maybe differently, but still resulting in "terror" and murder. Gosh, we could discuss this probably forever. Meanwhile, they just found too many bodies to count killed by Boko whatever their names are. Over 2,000. No wonder I just hide in my little place and read history. Lots of killing there too. Honestly, I am just totally crushed at the moment. Even my soup didn't help.
reply by the author on 10-Jan-2015
    Sorry you're so down in the dumps, but we have to harden our resolve. I can tell you're no shrinking violet--so pull yourself out of it, girl, and get your mojo back. Boko haram in Nigeria is the equivalent of AQ and ISIS--just a different faction--all brutal terrorists. No longer are they separate little groups. All terror at any time in history on anybody is diabolical in my opinion. Problem is we are dealing with barbaric people (who have no regard for life) who are living in modern times. Sooner or later we will have to deal with it--and the sooner the better.
reply by granny goes viral on 10-Jan-2015
    I don't even think the "barbarians" were this "barbaric". This is so beyond understanding, well, maybe not. Isn't that sad? Tomorrow will be yet another candle lighting in the town square. Yet another. We seem to have one every two weeks these days.