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Tips for FS Starting Beginners

Righting Trips for Beginners Who Are Just Starting Out

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Comment from pome lover
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that is just too wunnerful! You're right - giving six stars seems to be the thing to do, here - 'course I love gettin' em. I am new, though, and wasn't aware of the "code" and gave this girl a one. Her picture showed her holding this precious child and her story was about a kid who cut off dolls heads and replaced them with the bloody heads of animals. I asked if she enjoyed reading it to her little girl. She said "it was what it was", and I must not like Stephen King. Don't give ones anymore.
I haven't read many members' posts, but so far yours and Mark Valentine's posts on marriage are the best in the humor dept. IMHO.
Good job!
pome lover

 Comment Written 12-Nov-2016

reply by the author on 16-Nov-2016
    You're pretty wunnerful yerself! I can c u are off to a good start an astute critical person because its very obvious you really love my stuff! Glad you survifed the 1 star debacle! People have died on here for giving only a two because we Fanstorians are a proud buncha writers and we don't take critique to good. Well I hope you do well here. You are off to a good start ridding good work lik mine! :) Dennis BTW, to save you embarrassment, it's pume lover.
reply by pome lover on 16-Nov-2016
    well, I'm wracking the old brain tryin' to figger out "pume". sho don wanta be embarrased. Is that your version of poem? am sure you are pulling my leg.
    pome (as opposed to pume) lover
reply by the author on 18-Nov-2016
    True confessions; when you labeled yourself "Pome Lover", I thought you were being humorous and purposely misspelling "poem lover" to go with my piece you were reviewing. Duh! I forgot your FanStory moniker is usually permanent. I responded with the lame "pume" to keep the joke going.

    So had to look up "pome" :pome
    A fleshy fruit, such as an apple, pear, or quince, having several seed chambers and an outer fleshy part largely derived from the hypanthium.

    Thank you for being part of my on going education. :) Sorry for causing you to "wrack your brain" but you could've wrecked it which I can promise you, is far more devastating. :)
Comment from pafaust
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I'm new to FS and appreciate help I can get from a (probably) esteemed "advise communist". p.s. I'm partial to any piece that contains that word "whammo".

 Comment Written 05-Jun-2014

reply by the author on 05-Jun-2014
    Whew"! I just read your profile thingee about woo and phew and whew" and I'm winded. Your picture shows that you are far to young to be wandering around FS alone and writing to advise communists such as myself. However, I will make an example ... er.. exception in your case. You may ask me anything, I know where all the bodies are buried and who dunumin! Welcome to FS, believe it or not, I'm one of the sane ones. :) Dennis (Whadda Ya mean "probably"?
reply by pafaust on 06-Jun-2014
    Thanks for the reply, Dennis...I will probably be leaning on your for information. The picture was from a couple of years ago, but meant to illustrate that I found a haircut that works for me when I was four so I just kept going with it. I look a lot older, but have the same hair.
reply by pafaust on 21-Jun-2014
    My profile picture was taken when I was four which was quite few years ago. I still have the same haircut though so figure that I still look the same.
reply by the author on 21-Jun-2014
Comment from Ric Myworld
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Stumbling around wanting to read posts by some FS authors that I haven't read, I ventured into best-ever humor. And I have to say that I'm glad I did. Thanks for the pleasure of reading your hilarious post. Great job. :-)

 Comment Written 09-Apr-2014

reply by the author on 09-Apr-2014
    Well,glad you stumbled in. Thank you for the kind words and I'm really glad you liked it! Dennis
Comment from wordsmatter2me
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Starting from the bottom of the new writers, let's me admire your advise from the heart. I got a lot to learn, a lot to write and a lot to read before recognized as all time best.

 Comment Written 04-Apr-2014

reply by the author on 04-Apr-2014
    "In my older years I have come to believe writing provides me with a level of personal satisfaction that I can only express in words." Quote from a person with an attitude that is going to lead to being recognized as "all Time Best". God bless, Dennis
Comment from Michaelk
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Thanks you so much for sharin such heartfelt and instructional tips for begginers such as mesself. Ur writing was real grate! I injoyed it lots and lots. I specially presheaited rule #8, it was downright pro-found! I hopes you be doin more stuff like this soon, I'll defernately read it!

 Comment Written 29-Jan-2014

reply by the author on 30-Jan-2014
    I guess you'ar spill chek be not goin'? Thanks to a true brother!

    Takes un to no un! Dennis
Comment from padumachitta
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Thanks. I needed that. I just had the comma police come. I hate commas. There is a whole school of thought out there that says comma, should fall,endlessly, like rain over Seattle. I almost gave up. Almost. But, I said I would try this forum out for 6 months.
Thanks for the lightness, it also makes me look at my ego and my attitude towards being criticized rather that critiqued.

 Comment Written 30-Dec-2013

reply by the author on 30-Dec-2013
    My suggestion is write what you enjoy. You will find those who like what you like. In reality, there are probably only a handful of people on here who really qualify to critique other's writings. I do believe that just turning up the volume of how much we write will increase our proficiency. Glad you likes my piece.
Comment from Sueellen11
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Well done love it,, with the spelling errors the grammar,, love the come back yes they can get very toey and sour grapes ,,, but I glad I'm not a learned writer or poet,, I have an excuse,, they don't,, they pick ones work,, but when one goes to review,, true it should be in the loo,,, I think the need to look hard at their own work before slamming others,,well fond,,blessings sueellen

 Comment Written 15-Dec-2013

reply by the author on 15-Dec-2013
    Thank you.
Comment from rama devi
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Hee hee hee Hilarious! Enjoyed the witty satire...quite refreshing and brilliantly sharp. I am not going misspell back atchya (except for this word!) atchya!

Too many chuckles to note them all, but I found these word-ply 'punnies' particularly unique and clever:


and the double punctuation here:

again and again, know what I mean?.

again again...LOL!



advise communist! LOL

Warm smiles (from the heart),

 Comment Written 10-Dec-2013

reply by the author on 10-Dec-2013
    A good reviewer's nightmare, eh? :) Glad you enjoyed it, nevertheless. :) Dennis
reply by rama devi on 10-Dec-2013
    Not really--since it is satirical--tongue in cheek...I felt it actually supports good reviewers, indirectly. :)
Comment from goompa
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I can always tell a message written from the heart. This is absolutely precious and I shall reread every time I need a brush up on my writing skills. A true work of art. Thanks for sharing.

 Comment Written 27-Nov-2013

reply by the author on 27-Nov-2013
    Thank you, I am always glad to share my expertease with other riters.
Comment from Petriesan
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love this one. good touch on the satire---the Onion would be proud. . .

I have read many others, butt, youares the grittiest adverb or all.

Tnak you for sharecropping

 Comment Written 26-Nov-2013

reply by the author on 26-Nov-2013
    It seems my misspelling is catching. Many reviewers were affected and some were better at being bad spillers than me, you included. Please enjoy your dubris oner! Thanks for reviewing, Dennis