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Sinners in Hands of an Angry God

In Need of a Cipher

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Comment from Jasmine Girl
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I tried very hard to decipher the message in this piece of prose and I think I got it. It's a good piece to express racists in a subtle way and in the name of Jesus. I'm not a Christian but a lot of Fanstorians are. I don't know whether they like it or not.

Well done

 Comment Written 23-Nov-2021

reply by the author on 23-Nov-2021
    Thanks Jasmine for your review and your effort to decode it! All I did was turn an actual BLM rant about white people and reparations and MLK into a Christian rant about sinners and Satan and Jesus by changing a few words. It does not quite make for really accurate theology, if you read closely, but I have seen worse theology so it might be passable. I didn't write it (just added a cipher) which is posted at the bottom, in the notes.

    This the original post:

    The heart of BLM is that the playing field should be level, that white people should be on equal footing before MLK, all born with hearts that are prone to racism, all in need of education. I think the meme speaks to the different definitions of what education really is according to the separate groups, white society and reparative BLM. Whiteism has a definition of education (for white people) that says you are enough, that you are not in need of education because you are innately good, and even if you were, you alone are holding yourself back. It says (for black people) if you just realized how amazing you were, you?d be able to essentially get rich yourself. Reparations, by contrast, doesn?t leave us where we are. Blacks alone are not racist and able to save us because of their knowledge of black history. This takes humility to accept because we have to admit our own racist tendencies of heart. MLK then empowers us to be transformed into people who look more like him as their actions become more and more selfless as MLK?s actions were. White society misinterprets this empowering love because it doesn?t want to be convicted of racism. They don?t realize the freedom that comes with stepping into the dark.
Comment from Sally Law
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A wonderful entry for this contest and subject matter. We all need a savior for we cannot save ourselves, thus we need the Christ. As much as I admire Dr.King, he is not the savior of the world. He loved Jesus though. The Apostle Paul warned in the Espistles of another false gospel, one that misleads, and Jesus clearly states He is the way, the truth and the life. No substitutions, please, is a modern phrase. Thank you for the code breaker. Most I had already deciphered. In this contest, the best by far. Sending you my best today as always,
Sal :))

 Comment Written 23-Nov-2021

reply by the author on 30-Nov-2021
    Thanks so much Sal for your kind review! Yeah I think some of the other entries did not understand the contest . . . Oh well!