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Rougarou Nights

Wrong place at the wrong time.

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Comment from Marilyn Hamilton
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wow! What a ride lol Why have I never heard of a Rougarou? Great story and loved the ending. You have a knack for details and fine points which I appreciate. My favorite line:

I waited, expecting one of those mangled carcasses to sit up and say, "Bet-cha can't eat just one."

Nicely done.

 Comment Written 11-Apr-2024

reply by the author on 11-Apr-2024
    Thanks for your generous review and kind words. Not one of my better stories, just more of my foolishness. A way to keep an old-timer seeking action from being bored. The Rougarou is a legendary creature in French Louisiana communities linked to traditional concepts of the werewolf. And most stay out of the swamps at night just to be safe. LOL. Thanks for taking time out to read an old story that offers nothing in return. Much appreciated!
Comment from Karen Cherry Threadgill
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Honestly, where does all this come from? Have you been in the Everglades, Florida, or Louisiana Swamp? Seen tons of gothic horror as a teenager? You obviously saw all the Cary Grant movies you are so sauve. But, your fevered brain stuff just fills me with awe. I really enjoy writing the kind of stuff I do, but it would be nice to be able to write one gut-wrenching, nail-biting, hair-standing-up-on-your-arm, thriller.
Good writing, sweetie pie.

 Comment Written 27-Sep-2023

reply by the author on 27-Sep-2023
    Well, I worked two summer helping catch rattle snakes in the Florida Everglades as a teenager. Plus, I spent every winter for fourteen years in Louisiana racing horses, and plenty of time in the swamps. And I've seen plenty of real life horror, but most of it I don't write about because it's too graphic. There isn't a doubt in my mind that you can write whatever you want. Some people have the touch, and some people don't is the way it was put to me when those people took me to Hollywood a couple years back. You've got it! I appreciate YOU!
Comment from Pam Lonsdale
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I like the way you get us into the story before you give us the backstory. As always, great descriptive writing.

Once those Rougarou catch your scent, they're on you for life!

Very imaginative story with a X-Files bend to it.

 Comment Written 01-Jun-2023

reply by the author on 05-Jun-2023
    Thank you so much, Pam, for going back and reading an older story that doesn't offer any Fan dollars in return, which makes me appreciate your review all the more. Much appreciated!
reply by Pam Lonsdale on 05-Jun-2023
    I always enjoy your work. Thanks for the reviewing nomination:-)
Comment from Erika Seshadri
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What a great read! I'm from Florida, so you had me right away with the swampy setting. The Rugarou reminds me of what we call the Swamp Ape down here.

You do an impressive job of moving from gore to humor:

"Gators chomped and snatched. Skin stretching tighter than taffy. Bones snapped, crunching like Lay's potato chips. I waited, expecting one of those mangled carcasses to sit up and say, 'Bet-cha can't eat just one.'"

Fantastic descriptive language and plot movement. Perfect ending. :)


 Comment Written 07-Jul-2022

reply by the author on 07-Jul-2022
    Thank you so much, Erika, for your extra special six-star review and kind word, and all for a story that rewards you no funny money. Part-5 of my Tucker series is posted and offering like a buck twenty something, which I would have thought the better choice. LOL. I had a home in Tampa for 19 years, kept horses in Ocala, and raced horses all over, including Hallandale and Miami. So, where in the Sunshine state do you live? If you don't mind me asking? I appreciate your time and encouragement!
reply by Erika Seshadri on 07-Jul-2022
    Yeah, I was just kind of digging around in your portfolio. The title and pic snagged my attention. The funny money is nice, but there are a lot of gems to be found in portfolio archives. I enjoy treasure hunting. ;)

    I live in Sarasota. I currently have a barn full of horses, but they are mostly senior rescues. So, no racing for us.

    Thanks so much for the reviewer nomination.

    Take care,
Comment from L. Kalere
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Reading your Rougarou story a little late... but since you pointed out that we both wrote stories about the horrible creature, I had to check it out. Yours is just chock full of wonderful details, with a fun storyline...great entertainment. Loved it.
Of course, it's six worthy.

 Comment Written 19-Feb-2022

reply by the author on 20-Feb-2022
    Thank you so much, Linda, for your extra-special six-star review and kind words. Another of my usual silly stories to entertain my wondering mind. I planned to read your Rougarou story first but, you beat me to it. LOL. I can't thank you enough for all the encouragement and kindness of your generous review. Much appreciated!
Comment from lyenochka
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Well, normally I don't read "horror" genre pieces, but you were so gracious to read my entry, so I had to read yours. I was thoroughly entertained. You didn't go too far into the gory details and spiced up things with humor ("can't eat just one" and "gone to the wrong house." It becomes a calamity of errors and you fit a whole movie's worth of happenings in just this one post. Best wishes in the contest!

Loved "bigger than hypodermic-beaked hummingbirds." You captured those buggers so well!

?la carte. (á la carte) does not need capitalization

 Comment Written 04-Mar-2021

reply by the author on 04-Mar-2021
    Thank you so much, Lyenochka, for taking time to read my story and your generous review. How a capitalized a la carte got past me and all the readers so far, I don't know. LOL. Anyway, thanks for pointing it out. I'm not a horror-genre fan either, so I tend to make them more silly than scary. Thanks again.
Comment from Sanku
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The first paragraph was horror personified..what a graphic and skinraising description od a night spent on a boat in the marshes.Then the story .Yes all those trouble for nothing. Wrong place wrong true.It was a change from the usual stories...

 Comment Written 26-Feb-2021

reply by the author on 26-Feb-2021
    Thank you so much, Sanku, for your kind words and the extra-special six-star review. I'm glad you liked it. It's reviews like yours that keeps an old hack writing. You've made my week! And my favorite comment of yours is that it is a change from the usual stories. A few have said what a complex story, when in reality, it's the most simple and basic story. Wrong place at the wrong time. I just wish I hadn't already used up my review nominations for the month to vote for you. I appreciate YOU!
Comment from LJbutterfly
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This is a true horror mystery with lots of action. What I liked best was the fact that within the first few paragraphs, you described the horror as you put the reader directly into the nighttime Louisiana swamp with mosquitos, "kite-sized spiderwebs," and gators. Your use of simile and metaphor added to the imagery and drama. You captured our attention and THEN gave us the backstory and mystery. Well done.

 Comment Written 25-Feb-2021

reply by the author on 25-Feb-2021
    Thank you so much, LJBUtterfly, for your kind words and generous review. I'm glad you liked it and appreciate your encouraging comments. Much appreciated!
Comment from Richard Penholt
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Hi! I won't say that I didn't like it. It might just be me, but there was something of the flow that made it hard to read...might be the past mixing with the present tense...or the bold formatting. In the start there are too many I believe they are called similes? "Like an Andretti on crack, etc. That temper the flow in a way that seems to slow it down. Last sentence of the third to last paragraph is present tense-when the one before it was past tense. Sorry, this doesn't seem to fit. I would omit it. But the story you are trying to portray is visible to the reader, but needs to be fleshed out. Some sentences (especially towards the beginning of the third to last paragraph might be sentence fragments-and could be combined to create a better flow. With a little work- I think using some constructive criticism could go a long way- and probably create a first-person horror/thriller that the readers will love. It took a lot of writing and also three correspondence courses-Long Ridge Writers Group and Writers Digest course to improve my writing if that helps. Keep writing! :)

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 Comment Written 24-Feb-2021

reply by the author on 25-Feb-2021
    I sure am glad everyone doesn't feel the same way. Since, I already have two book deals, and not do-it-yourself Amazon publishing. I always appreciate good corrective criticism, but ignore the others. Keep taking those courses. And thanks for reading.
Comment from Rikki66
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Around my part of Cajun land, the Rougarou finds many every night and even more on weekends and holidays. It is a brand of whiskey sold by Rouses, my local grocer.

 Comment Written 24-Feb-2021

reply by the author on 25-Feb-2021
    Now I've heard it all. Rougarou whiskey. I'm sold already. LOL. Thank you so much, Rikki66, for your kind words and extra-special six-star review. I'll have to see if I can't get Rouses to send me a bottle. I just finished off my Nona's (think that's the name) King cake, and wouldn't you know it, I got the baby in next to the last piece. Where is your part of Cajun country? I spent every winter for seventeen years in New Orleans racing horses, and some summers in Shreveport. You've made my week with your encouraging review!
reply by Rikki66 on 25-Feb-2021
    I live in Thibodaux I was oilfield trash for twenty years.
reply by the author on 26-Feb-2021
    Huh, Thibodaux, about halfway between New Orleans and Baton Rouge, I'm guessing. I had friends who worked the fields. I spent six-month winters in New Orleans for 17 years, racing horses at the Fairgrounds racetrack, among others. I spent some summers stabled at Louisiana Downs in Shreveport. A hardcore race tracker, I smoked four packs of cigarettes a day and two-fifths of whiskey for thirty-plus years, before deciding there had to be more to life than fighting, drinking, and smoking. Besides, as the old body broke down, I was afraid they might figure out that I wasn't as tough as I once was. The gals I wanted, didn't want me. And the old hags who still showed an interest, gagged me if I didn't stay drunk and in the dark. Anyway, it's nice meeting you and I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts. Hope they get you to feeling better!
reply by Rikki66 on 27-Feb-2021
    A third of the way between Nawlins and Lafayette. The Fairgrounds is more of a slot gaming place than racing. I quit the cigarettes when I had to pay a buck a pack. never could handle the booze after Nam.
    Just had a problem with the women and speed.
reply by the author on 28-Feb-2021
    Yes, they've ruined about all the major race tracks in America with those damn slot machines. They are a quicker way to steal patrons money and they don't have to wait a half-hour between races. Constant action and they take 17% right off the top. Like keeping almost $2 of every $10 inserted, and the poor players thinking they have a chance of making money.
reply by Rikki66 on 28-Feb-2021
    I actually thought they took more than 17%. They know that gamblers have minds similar to children, the bright lights the ringing bells, the multi-colors; make them forget what commonsense tells them.
reply by the author on 28-Feb-2021
    You are so right, people are suckers. I'm been one a few times myself, but not in many years. 17% is what they take in Vegas, I'm not sure about everywhere else.
reply by Rikki66 on 28-Feb-2021
    I always figured casinos were in business to make money not to pay me if I go I play 20 win-lose or break even.