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RE: Just saying... again!
Ok, I asked for that, Lance. Bowing out now.


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RE: Just saying... again!
I didn't mean to start this up again and then disappear from the discussion - sorry.

Not much more to say really except to highlight the futility of trying to argue with someone who constantly deliberately misinterprets the arguments being made.

Lance, you repeat ad nauseam the phrase about banning guns. I'm almost certain that you know none of the other three countries represented here have banned guns. So why do you keep using those words? That's easy, isn't it. Like all of the other rabid 2nd amendment supporters, you don't want to fight fair, even in a minor argument in a minor forum in a minor website.

One last thing - not sure if it's come up in the thread but it totally refutes most of what Lance has offered. Lance doesn't even speak for his own countrymen, A very strong majority of Americans want gun reform with stricter rules around ownership etc.

So forget about us interfering, don't know anything foreigners. How about following the democratic wishes of the more than 70% of your own country.

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