Mystery and Crime Fiction posted October 7, 2020

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a debt to pay

The Gypsy

by Iza Deleanu

The beach, my eternal love story! Here is where I started to walk; also I felt in love... and died!

Oops, I just revealed my sad story, but no worries folks, there are more surprises to come, cestna pionerska!

I am the bad luck girl, who fell for the awesome and fake Prince, who came riding into my life on a black horse. You know in all the stories, it's mandatory for the Prince to come on a white horse. But in my case, black horse matters. He told me, that they were out of white horses... when he spotted me walking alone on the beach. Truth to be told, this Prince was not in my fortune teller cookie list, either! He was not meeting any of my criteria: tall, handsome, curly hair, big enigmatic green eyes, and stable job. He was just the charming bastard who made all the women feel like they were the center of the Universe, until a new sugar mommy jumped on the scene! He was short, small black eyes, oh my God, he was bald and had a beard. I don't know how I fell for him! I always hated beards, and here I am marrying one!

He thought that he hit the jackpot! Well, he got the middle finger from this love affair. I was not rich, but I was good looking and knew how to handle myself in public, so I can create that illusion that I am something more that I really was.

Hm! You will say two cheaters on a line, right? Things are not always as it seems. I was always a romantic. I loved the surprise dinners, trips to exotic places, yup, jewelry, I loved the sparkles. Can you blame a girl for wanting to look good?

Yup, the sucker got my jewelries', I mean the fake ones! And he got my apartment, rented of course, and my credit cards.. maxed out. You know the story, "after my death I will pass to you all my precious possessions: in my case, my precious debt... like one hundred thousands, Americans, to be more specific." All our exotic escapades and the wedding went through my credit cards.

I am so sorry that I was not present when he opened my estate letter and read that killer sentence: "Dear Joe, in the presence of death, I am leaving you all my debt and my eternal love. Your dear wife, Sheila"

You will think that I was somehow prepared for this grandiose Exit, but I was not! I was a sucker punch for true love. See, I always thought that our meeting on that fateful night under the Caribbean Sea was not a mistake, but something arranged by Fate. Until then, I never believed in true love. Later on, I realized that, my love was not true, but blind! I think this was the day when I started to wear glasses. The moment I put those glasses on, I started to see ... pink. Everything he was saying and doing was ... pink, like it meant to be, and was blessed by God. I even went to church to make sure, that my color blindness, was not a mistake.
You know how they say: all the roads lead to Rome, and in my case, all the roads led to LOVE!

Onepiece of  advice for my girls: please measure and treasure every moment before the "I do" part. I never planned to die on my favorite Jamaican beach, but it happened ... quick. Thank God, for the missing part of the pain. It was like saying usually goes:  it was a humane death, just like in Romeo and Juliet.

The difference was this Juliet died alone! My Romeo took off for another destination and played for a month the sad picture of a grieving husband. He put some poison in my favorite champagne and left me to die under the moonlight.

The next morning he alerted the Police and said that I never came back to the hotel, after I went to take my midnight swim. Like seriously, who the heck swims at midnight when the tide is so high, and the night so dark?

What he didn't know was, that I had the heart of a gypsy and my death will transform me into a powerful witch. Somehow I managed to come back to life, after he buried me next to my mother in our family plot. I came back and lured him to Jamaica. There I took him on a stroll on my favorite beach and let the tide have him. You see, after all, I showed him mercy, and let him die peacefully at large or should I say at sea!

Now I can finally go back home, to my Gypsy land, happy that I saved many other women from this cruel and greedy bastard. What goes around comes around, in a merry-go-round, round underground...

Murder on a beach contest entry


Cestna Pionerska it's a Bulgarian expression and was used by kids and they were taking an oath, it' s the equivalent of the Scout word
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