General Fiction posted September 15, 2020

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Beautiful Rainbow Left Us In Awe


by country ranch writer

One year Grandpa and I were going to leave his cabin early in the morning. We set our clocks for five am. We were planning to do a little bit of scouting the area for the up coming hunting. Grandpa saddled up thr horses and put our rain slickers and saddle bags on the horses. We took off after breakfast. Grandpa said, he had to have hi morning coffee to warm up his old bones.

As we were making headway to our favorite part of the forest the bottom fell out, we got our slickers on in a nick of time. It just rained so hard, even the horses had trouble keeping on the trail. They snorted their discomfort. We talked to them in a steady tone of voice so they would settle down. Suddenly we got a break, the storm quit and in front of us was the most beautiful rainbow you ever did see.

We rode for a little while and chatting like two magpies. We were crossing the field when I came to an abrupt stop. There big as life, were a family of foxes romping and having a good ole time. The kits,were so cute to watch. My horse whinnied and the noise scared the kits, they skeddalrd as fast as they could to catch up with momma fox heading into the woods.

Reaching our destination, we set about setting up camp.The fire sure felt good! While we set there eating our beans and corn bread and drinking our coffee. We watched the fireflies as they twinkled on their way through campo to the night.

As I began to yawn grandpa told me,"it was time to hit the hay." We had a lot of territory to cover tomorrow."We banked the fire and turned in. I awoke up to the smell of coffee and bacon cooking and fried some left over taters we had at the cabin. Walking down to the creek I washed our dishes. We then packed up our gear and headed out back home to Grampas place.

The forest was already up and active with the critters having their breakfast on whatever was to their
Iiking to nibble on. It seems like they know hunting season is coming. There was deer tracks everywhere
you looked, there were bob cat tracks, also fox tracks.There were birds, and an eagle. She was high up High up in the top of the tree feeding her hungry young.

The day was so beautiful! I hated to leave the forest and go home. Just as I was thinking it grandpa piped up and said that they best be heading back home today before Grangma sent a posse out looking for them. She would too, as she took very good care of Grandpa. I asked him one day if he ever won an argument with Grandma? He laughed,and said,I just say yes ma'am!That way it keeps the peace,and me out of the dog house. I looked over to him from my saddle and he had a big smile on his face.We turned our horses around and headed home. Grandpa said,"I hope grandma has viddles on to cooking my stomach is plumb empty.

Thunderous Days writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a story about a character who is stuck outside in the middle of a huge thunderstorm.

I always loved spending time with,y Grandma and Grandpa.
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