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A lifetime together sometimes starts small.

How I met my Soulmate

by BethShelby

At fifteen, I was ill at ease around guys, and as a result, they were hesitant about approaching me, unsure of my reaction. It was mid-summer and an older cousin was visiting. She made me uncomfortable enough that I wanted to prove her wrong in her perception of me.

‘Girl,” she said, “ when are you going to start acting like a normal teenager? You’re always hanging around the house reading books. You’re old enough to get out and have some fun. Don’t you like boys?. Why don’t you go fix yourself up, put on some make-up, and show the guys you’re available?”

Her words irritated me enough that I gave some extra attention to my appearance. Wanting to get away from her critical appraisal, I decided to take in a movie alone. I don’t remember the name of the film, but by the time the movie ended, I had managed to identify enough with the sexy female star that I came out of the theater feeling like I was beautiful.

It must have shown in my attitude, because every guy I came in contact with, I looked into their eyes, smiled, and said `Hi.’ To my amazement, they responded with a grin and a show of interest. I knew them from school, but normally, I would have averted my eyes and said nothing. I’d had several interesting conversations before I went very far.

I headed to my Uncle’s cafe, which was my usual hangout until Dad got off work to give me a ride home. A guy I’d never seen before came in the cafe right after I entered. I later learned he’d seen me strutting along like a movie star and followed, hoping to meet me.

I’d gone behind the counter to play like a waitress, so I asked if I could help him. He ordered coffee, commented on the weather, and made a stab at small talk. He didn’t stick around long after he finished the coffee. I could tell he was on the shy side, but that didn’t keep him from coming back after I left and plying my aunt with questions about me. He managed to get my address and wrote me an eight-page hand-printed letter introducing himself. He was from a neighboring town. I was so impressed that I answered the first letter out of curiosity, but then school started, and I got busy.

At Christmas, I thought about him and sent him a card. I got one back right away, and this time, he didn’t waste time. He asked for a date. We had our first date New Year’s Day.

After a few months of dating, I realized he was a keeper. We were married a year an a half later. We were definitely meant for each other.


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