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A chapter in the book The Corona saga

Curb your enthusiasm

by Iza Deleanu

Day number...since Coronella! Who cares? What I know for sure is the year: 2020 BSK (Before the Second Kingdom). Have you seen all those posters with Curb-delivery, Drive-Through and Skip the Dishes? Yup, they are plastered all over the city. What they don't say is that the only way you can get your order is if you have a car.

I went with my husband to buy some gloves and masks from a specialized store. He left me in the car and went in the store. Next to the Pharmacy was a McDonald's, that because of Coronella, was doing only Drive-Through Delivery. You see I don't drive, so as I was wondering if you get hungry and you have no car are you going to die of hunger?

As I was wondering and creating scenarios inside my head, I saw a homeless person trying to get into the McDonald 's facility. On the door was a huge poster in which they were apologizing, that because of Coronella, for the time being, they are doing only Skip the Dishes and Drive-Through. He tried to WALK-THROUGH and got nothing. "Sir, this is a DRIVE-THROUGH ONLY service". "But I am hungry!" "Try to order on-line." "I don't have a phone". "Sorry, Sir, I can't help you."

The smarties from the Government and the City Council, when they closed all the restaurants for the public, and made them only on-line delivery and Drive-Through, they never thought about the people who live in the streets and the onse who don't own a car. What are they supposed to do? Die of hunger. I guess the choice is now between catch a Coronella or a Hunger Game. So yeah, for the Curb Pick Up Service, we offer you Curb your enthusiasm offer. We do deliver to your car trunk, so open your mouth, hommie. Or maybe if two people get together they can look like a car, you know four wheels and get the service they need.

Let's make fun of Ms. Coronella, and move on:)
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