General Fiction posted August 7, 2020

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The Dark contest entry


by DragonSkulls

The Dark Contest Winner 

I woke up in total darkness not knowing where I was. The stench
was horrid.  I started to panic when I felt nothing out in front of me. 
When I reached to the sides is when I realized I was confined in
some sort of enclosure.  I hollered numerous times for help but no
one answered.   Had I been kidnapped?  My head was pounding. 
Had I been drugged?  And my main concern was why was I naked?  
I had to think and retrace my steps of what I could remember to
figure out how and why I got here.   The last thing I recalled was
being with my friends.  We were going somewhere.  Where was it? 
Music. Something with music.  That’s right.  We were headed out
to the country for some sort of gathering.  Then I remembered.  It
was an all-day rock festival with five of our favorite bands.  We were
doing shots of tequila and Jack Daniels with beer chasers.  What
else? What else happened?  Think.  Think!  I remember I had to … 
that’s when it struck me.  I knew exactly where I was.
Clearly what happened, I passed out in the Porta-John and those
sorry friends of mine just left me here.


Writing Prompt
Write a story where your character is stuck in complete darkness. Fiction only.

The Dark
Contest Winner

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