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flight or fight

The Guardian

by Iza Deleanu

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.
The author has placed a warning on this post for language.

It all started with a Hello. This is how probably 99% of the nightmares begin in this world. She was too tired to investigate that voice properly. She has been walking in circles for hours.

Next time she will be less stubborn and not stray from the official path. Oh, boy, Kevin had a way of getting on her nerves. His motto: "No, Walk, without a fight!"; her choice: "Take flight, avoid the fight!" And so, she did, and now was lost! She was missing her husband, or maybe just wanted next to her a familiar face that will give her the courage to overcome this fear that was engulfing her from all directions.

Initially, this forest was beautiful, but after going back and forth, she found it super creepy. The heat was insupportable, and the air was so stale. It felt like the eerie calm before the Storm.

- Oh, brother, like being lost is not enough, now I have some mist to make it creepier. Who needs this as a companion? Muttered Nora under her breath. Where the heck is Kevin? He promised to protect me... so, far he did a lousy job.

- Kevin is gone, doll, said the Hello voice that was hiding behind the fog curtain.

- Come out; you creep, I am not scared of you.

- You should be, doll. I am the faceless guardian.

- Guardian? Like a correctional officer?

- More like an asylum type.

- Yeah, typical! You get lost, and here is your clich�© Asylum type of crazy movie. Wait, what was that movie with Leonardo Di Caprio? Shutter Island? Island and asylum two in one. Pardon my French, but we are in a freaking forest, so your scenario is fucked-up, Mr. Director.

- Nora, why are you so mad? You got lost, so what? It is not the first time.

- Yeah, it's not the first time. The difference being that my survival kit stayed behind with that crazy mother fucker good for nothing piece of shit of useless husband!

- Mind your language, young lady!

- I am an old hag, and my tongue is my survival kit.

- Ha, Ha, Ha, are you trying to scare me away... with your words?

- Kind of... did it work?

- Nope! Remember, I am the guardian, and I am used to this type of language. I must admit since I am working here, my "swearing vocabulary" improved quite a lot, and I can say that I am a polyglot!

- Now what? Am I supposed to run? Should I scream for help? What do you want from me? I am old and ugly, you know...

- Nora, stop talking rubbish! Just run!

- Run? OK, Sir, I will be the free-range chicken, but can I borrow a flashlight, please. This mist is too mystic for my eye-sight, and I would like to keep my neck intact, thank you very much.

- You are a funny doll. You got some nerves to negotiate with the terrorist.

- You just told me that you are a guardian. So what are you? Take a pick.

- You are a tuff lady. I can give you that. Anybody else will just scream and run. Oh, boy, you know how to stand your ground. No wonder that Kevin wanted some of his own time. You are just too much, lady. I perfectly see why my bosses choose you.

- Wow, Kevin put you to this? You are so unprepared, Mister! That coward forgot to mention who I am or better say what I am. If he wanted some alone time, he could've bought a one-way ticket to Spain, no hard feelings. I don't think he is capable of such a sinister scenario. So, name your terms. I can offer you a better deal.

In the meantime, Kevin was having second thoughts.
Oh, no, I left Nora with that psycho! I am such a coward. If I wanted a break, I should've just let her go to Spain. She wanted a new life. But no, I tried to scare her, to make her appreciate me more. I know that all that I have accomplished so far is because of her.

She is a jumper... I am just a follower, and I am not even good at that. I like a comfortable life. I want to eat and sleep. She loves to travel, to be in the middle of the action, to try new things. And here we are! We can stand with each other. She wanted to give Spain a try. I didn't want to go.

Then I received that e-mail. They offered me money to give them Nora. They said that she is going to be the perfect candidate for their resilience test. My Nora, the police negotiator, is the funny and crazy girl who takes all the challenges as an adventure and a way of pushing her limitations out of the comfort zone.

Ha, Ha, Ha, this will be interesting to see. My Nora will give them a hard time. She must know... I did this to make the necessary money to move to Spain! One last jump, before she will finally settle down and get her comfort zone. No matter how much we hate each other, we are one hell of a team. We have that old hate-love relationship.


- There is no price. You are the prize!

- Wow, I must add this to my resume: I worked as a precious prize in the mist contest. Oh, yeah, and not let's forget the sprinter in the game: Catch me if you can!

- Doll, I like your wits, but you must use your brains and start running.

- Listen up, faceless. I never wanted to run. Kevin forgot to tell you that running is not my forte. I don't even jog! Now, if you want me to dance, that's a different story.

- Woman, I am running out of patience. Move!

- OK, fine, I will go! Now ... about that flashlight...

- No!

- Candle? Moonlight?

- What?
- I gotcha you, faceless! You like to kill in the dark. You don't want to see the face of your victim. Such a cowardly habit. You want me to turn my back so that you can kill me.

- What? No? I m not a killer. I am just a guardian.

- Then give me a flashlight, tiger!

- I can't! I have no hands!

- Nora starts passing back and forth, mumbling: "No face, probably no legs, too. I got it!"

- You got what?

- Are you the Echo! Am I right?

- Nora, doll, you have not signed up for the riddle contest. Follow my voice. I need to take you to my bosses. Maybe they have more luck in dealing with your crazy personality. I gave up. This is above my pay grade. So, just follow my voice because I have no flashlight to give you.

- Sorry, faceless, this doll has something else to do. I think Kevin forgot to tell you that I don't take orders! Now, let's go our separate ways. I will not press charges, but if I catch you next time, I will not let you go so smoothly!

Suddenly the ground starts to rumble and shake. Nora unimpressed:

- Nice, we got ourselves a little shake-shake. My first earth-quake in a forest. We are OK, Faceless. This is not a tropical forest, so there should be no volcano here. OK, follow me, I think I finally figure it out, I can take you out of this forest.

- Doll, there is no way out of this forest
- You think so? I am your worst nightmare, faceless. I will burn you and your voice. I am the Storm, and this forest is the catalyst that shakes up my disguise. Any last wish, before you get cooked?

- Yeah, tell Lucifer that I tried. I am not a match for you. I will disappear exactly like the Headless Rider!

- What, Lucifer? That old bastard, he really likes to use others for his dirty business. And don't worry about Kevin. Pretty soon, he will get what he deserves.

- Hello? Hello! Hell... noooooooooooooo! Lucifer, help meeee!

- Stop screaming! He will not come. He doesn't like to get his hands dirty!


- Nora, Nora, you are OK! Thanks, God!

- I am OK, but not thanks to you. I came to say goodbye. You will finally have your dream come true. This crazy bitch is tired of fighting with you, so I'm finally getting out! You will die eating! This is your ideal life. Do nothing except sleeping and eating. You have not understood that life is more than this so that God will take the gift of being!

Thriller or Horror contest entry

I am not very good with this genre, and writing texts over 1000 not my forte. Thank you for reading and if you see any mistakes, please send them my way.
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