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Chapter One ~ The Eyes

Collection of Writer's Tips #1

by Sally Law

A professional writer is an amateur who didn't quit." ~ Richard Bach


Hello everyone, and welcome to my pages dedicated to FanStory writers.

While I have the eyesight to do this, I've compiled notes, thoughts, and tips for my own describer's dictionary.

I would love to share these collections, and what better way to do this than through FanStory. My hope is to encourage many in their writing endeavors.

To me, rich descriptions complement a story, along with a good plot; and my favorite books are filled with elaborate descriptions. I've learned from the best: Victor Hugo, Truman Capote, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, and Alfred Lansing.

FanStory has sensational poets and prose writers, and I am blessed to be here among the ranks. So many have given me their expert time and attention.

Today, I'm going to begin with human features which can also be attributed to animal life. The eyes are the most telling of mood, and carry depth of soul. Yes, the eyes say so much.

The Eyes

Beady-eyed, blurry-eyed, bug-eyed, dagger-eyed, dreamy-eyed, starry-eyed and wide-eyed.

Accepting eyes, bedroom eyes, bulging eyes, concerned eyes, devilish eyes, dry eyes, eyes void of goodness, flaming eyes, glaring eyes, impenetrable eyes, love eyes, misting eyes, playful eyes, sad eyes, smiling eyes, soulful eyes, soulless eyes, strained eyes, tearless eyes and teary eyes.

In a sentence>> Writing this post has made me blurry-eyed.


Blue-eyed: Baby blues, blue-gray eyes, deep blue eyes, sapphire eyes, and sea-blue eyes.

Green-eyed: emerald-green eyes, grey-green eyes, and topaz eyes.

Brown-eyed: caramel eyes, deep brown eyes, and soft brown eyes.

Hazel-eyed: cat-eyed and jeweled eyes.

Violet: A rare shade of deep blue.

Black: Coal-black eyes, and jet-black eyes.

In a sentence >> Actress Elizabeth Taylor was known for her jet-black hair and violet eyes.

In a sentence>> All my children are tow-headed, with striking blue-gray eyes.

Accusing eyes, blood-shot eyes, burning eyes, crying eyes, deceptive eyes, evil eyes, glistening eyes, hateful eyes, lustful eyes, lying eyes, moist eyes, piercing eyes, prying eyes, sparkling eyes, and tear-filled eyes.

In a sentence>> Sophia waved goodbye with tear-filled eyes, then returned to kiss me one last time.

In a sentence>>The District Attorney's greatest weapon was his accusing eyes.

Angelic look
Angry look
Concerned look
Curious look
Dark look
Devilish look
Disappointed look
Disdainful look
Fearful look
Foreboding look
Pained look
Pensive look
Playful look
Prideful look
Satisfied look
Sinister look
Startled look
Quizzical look
Unhealthy look
Unearthly look
Worn-out look

In a sentence>> Catzilla had a pained look after eating my wedding gown.

{The Brow}
Arched brows
Bushy brows
Graying brows
Sparse brows
Thick brows
Thin brows
Unkept brows
Unruly brows
Wild brows
Aging brow
Furrowed brow
Lined brow
Narrowed brow
Stern brow
Sweaty brow
Wrinkled brow

In a sentence>> Sally's unruly brows are her ancestral curse.

{Countenance} Eyes and facial expressions.

Abused, scarred, or marred in appearance
Cheerful countenance
Frightful or ghoulish
Haunted expression
Pained expression
Sour expression
Troubled, tormented, or mentally off
Unhinged or uncontrolled
Unfriendly, contentious, or bullish
Worried or fretful

In a sentence>> It was clear to me the young lady was troubled by the haunted expression she wore.

In a sentence>> Harold was an offish sort of person, beady-eyed, and avoiding polite dinner conversations.

In a sentence>>The host for the ghost tour was just as I'd feared--ghoulish, with vacant, coal-black eyes. I bolted, never looking back.

I hope this was helpful.

See ya next time!
Sal :)




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