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Story of a A dog we once owned.

A chapter in the book Animal Antics and Interactions

A Dog With an Attitude

by BethShelby

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“I saw it batter against the glass snarling.” Kimberly stood trembling in my kitchen. She nodded toward my sliding glass door and yelled, “Look! There it is again. What is it? It’s moving so fast I can’t tell.”

“Calm down,” I said. “It’s not an it. It’s a he. That’s Kokomo. He always goes a little crazy when someone he doesn’t know comes into the house.”

“That's a dog? You have a vicious dog? How do you live with that thing? He scared me to death. If I had a dog like that, I’d have him put to sleep.”

I laughed. “We happen to care about that dog. Look, he’s calmed down some. Don’t you think he’s pretty?He’s a spitz. We’ve had him since he was a puppy.”

“Well, please don’t let him in. He's still showing his teeth at me. I think he wants to eat me.”

“You’ll get used to him, if you keep coming over. He’s a little bit crazy, but he makes a nice watch dog. If anyone broke in, he’d surely scare them away.”
We got Kokomo from a friend of my aunt's, who sold spitz dogs. He was the only one of the litter left, and she let us have him at a reasonable price because she had a new litter about to go on the market.
While he was still quite young, he came down with the Parvo virus and almost died. Unless they are well trained, spitz dogs don’t have the most pleasant temperaments. Maybe the virus left this one a little crazier than most. Because everyone was afraid of him, my husband built him a house and decided he needed to live outside. Still a teething puppy, he promptly chewed the roof off the house.

For the most part, he lived on our back deck and threatened anyone new who came around. Occasionally, we let him inside, but invariable he'd steal a shoe and destroy it.

For a small dog, he could leap almost to the top of the sliding glass door.  He seemed to feel his calling in life was to make sure no one, other than family, felt welcome on our home.

My youngest daughter, who named him Kokomo after the Beach Boy's song, was afraid of him once she had moved away from home. One day she was over, and he slipped past one of us and came inside. He took a flying leap and landed in her lap. She yelled, "Get off me!", but he glared at her, barred his teeth, and growled.

“Please, somebody! Get him off”, she pleaded. “He’s gonna bite me.” It took a lot of coaxing on my part to free her of this dog without anyone getting hurt.

He had a strong aversion to style. He preferred that we dress casually in his presence. If we dared dress up to go out, we better stay inside, because he would growl threateningly at us if we came near him.

This dog's lifespan lasted eighteen years, and other than my husband and me, who fed and cared for him, he only made one friend.

After my mom died, my dad came to live with us. We brought Dad into the house in his wheelchair. Kokomo didn’t do his usual jumping and snarling act. He sat calmly looking at Dad. He actually wagged his tail and looked as though he was smiling.

“What a beautiful dog,” Dad said. “Can he come inside?”

Caustiously, I slid the door back, and Kokomo came inside and sat by Dad’s knee. Dad reached down and patted him, and he laid his head against Dad leg. For the rest of Dad’s life, he had a friend. Miracles do happen.


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I saw it batter against the glass snarling.


I saw it batter against the glass snarling. IT glared at me showing pointy teeth each one a beautiful pearly white.

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