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The End of Its Journey

by Barb Hensongispsaca

"Give me twenty! Give me twenty! I have fifteen, someone give me twenty!"

I listened as the words kept ringing over and over. The auctioneer was literally begging people to reconsider the piece up for bid. All the previous pieces were newer, shiner, and they brought the best prices. This piece was different.

It was old, I could tell. It had some history behind it, even though I would probably never know what it was. Yet, I was drawn to it, like a mist over the ocean. An unknown piece made for an unknown reason to be owned by an unknown recipient. Was that to be me?

I began to study the piece a little more. I noticed it was deeply scarred with gouges that could never be covered up. Ugly scars, ruining its beautifully aged texture, brought the price way down to where I could afford it. Twenty? I could afford that. It would just be destroyed if no one wanted it.

The legs were bent and misshapen, one was even broken. I could tell by the way it leaned to one side. There were pieces missing, quite obvious, but then again, that is the best part of its unknown history.

I know where it came from, it was bought overseas and shipped here to be sold to the highest bidder. The packaging must have failed because the damage done to this wonderful piece of art is disgusting. Functional once, I'm not sure what I can use it for now, but something tells me to just go ahead and get it.


"Sold to the woman with the white hat. Thank you, Madam. You can pick up your merchandise at the gate. Have your money ready."

Well, it's mine. I watch as men pull it off the bidding stage. Not too gentle, I noticed. But then, it is not their merchandise anymore. I just came to watch, I never thought I'd actually buy anything. I never owned a slave before, but I think this one has a story to tell.

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