Spiritual Poetry posted April 12, 2020

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Resurrection Today

by Cogitator

My calendar's up on the wall
Rather useless for the moment
We're stuck in NOW until the Fall
No better time than the present

No more regrets, the past has died
My wife' s Xes mark days' headstones
No tomorrows lest we decide
To make leaders get off their thrones

Living in NOW is somewhat nice
We can project all kinds of dreams
Thoughts of healing is good advice
We have no need for primal screams

John Lennon was visionary
"Imagine" speaks such honesty
Collective thought is primary
To create peace and unity

Live for today is the message
Accept the fact that we are ONE
Emotion gives us all passage
Follow our hearts and we'll be done

Let's change our minds and revere life
Adopt the goal of living truth
Use our power to remove strife
Heal Mother Earth for all our youth

The time is nigh when Mother Earth
Will show us all how much she’s worth
She’s feverish, that’s a problem
But she has her immune system
A vile virus – Humanity
Has developed insanity
The endless greed and decadence
Have made her sick; it makes no sense
Her own atoms create our being
She’ll take them back, we’ll be seeing
We have a choice, we must decide
Take care of her – or suicide
Economics and huge egos
Are what creates her painful throes
She will live on after we’re gone
Resurrected in a new dawn

Resurrection is each new day
It's one reason we all should pray
It's what we do, not what we say
Eternal life is in TODAY



Rewrite from 2 years ago
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