General Poetry posted April 1, 2020

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Our Brave New World

by RShipp

Roll over. Wake up. It's half past eight.
I take my time in the shower, I can't be late.
Board meetings at ten. I've got plenty of time.
Tho I'm here in Scotland. The main group--Anaheim.
No taxis. No planes to prepare for or board.
I'll stay here in Scotland, 'til the world is restored.

Pale green will look great on the camera today.
No khakis. No blue jeans. On the hanger they stay.
Life without pants, what a glorious twist.
In my favorite boxers I can surely subsist.
I will need a tie. The professional look.
Business as usual- by hook or by crook.

To my study to travel, my workdays begun
I log into ZOOM, the battle's almost been won.
I fret and I grimace, careful explaining my dilemma.
The board members bought it. Now more time with Emma.
She's that sexy young thing that I meet at the bar.
Room two doors to the left. It's not very far.

Just before all the havoc, I lucked out and found
A beautiful lass, an accountant, renowned.
Her husband had left her, as had my last wife.
With Emma, life's relaxing. No troubles. No strife.
She's loaded and carefree. A lark with no cage.
A pleasured adjustment from my wife's former rage.

She worked now from home for an uppity firm.
Her own houses and monies, no baggage long-term.
I owned much the same, my 'baggage' bought off.
I was looking for fun. I had no pigs at my trough.
But "lo and behold" my soulmate, I've found.
The world may have turned. But my heart' upside-down.

I'll know in a short time life will go back to the norm.
But until then, with Emma, I'll just brave the storm.

This is serious writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a poem of any type that treats a serious subject as humor.



Written for "This Is Serous". Write a poem of any type that treats a serious subject as humor. I am being jest-ful about the hardships being experienced during our quarantine.

A request of forgiveness to the "raging wife". I suspect she thought worse of me? (I don't think one should bad-mouth even fictitious wives.)

My apologies for a loosely constructed meter- too much wine. (Also, not true.)

The cartoon photograph provided by Dreamstime.
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