Commentary and Philosophy Non-Fiction posted March 21, 2020

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The virus

by Cogitator

Good Morning, Virus!!

Look, Covid, you've had enough time to realize your job is over. Please retire. The lessons you taught us have been firmly embedded in the entire world population and you have no need to breed your progeny to give us more pain. We get it! Here's what we've discovered so far:

1. From now on, we will no longer place the value of money above the value of life -- we promise. It appears that your presence has already started the death spiral of plutocracy. If I should be the last person on Earth, I would not seek the company of cash.

2. You have made us realize that "all men were created equal" is true (except in omitting women from the term.) There is no one that is "better than" anyone else in your mind. You proved there is no prejudice in your destruction of humans. Good for you. Most of the population will now follow your lead.

3. We know where you came from because we have the same mother -- Mother Earth. You are the representation of how her immune system operates - just like ours. After all, she bestowed it to us through DNA when we were created with the atoms that she lent us. When we get ill, antibodies are sent to fend off disease and heal our organic form. Mom is trying to rid herself of the Plague of Humanity because we are the virus making her sick.

4. We thank you for bringing us closer by separating us. Most of us forgot the pain of separation from those we love because we always had distractions to keep us from feeling alone. Our inner need for love and family has been resurrected.

5. The scientists will soon divulge that Mom's atmosphere will be much cleaner because of the slowdown of human activity. That will lead to more direction about non-essential activities. The loss of large sporting events is one of the huge benefits the world will gain after those types of non-essential activities are gone. Even business, which has simply become a way to keep people doing "busy work" while taking back all wages through taxing and decadence is non-essential.

6. You have proven that federal government is no longer effective. It is the interaction of friends, family and neighbors striving to leave no one behind that has become the proof of the immutability of human kindness. The current ruling class has no pity for those of us living from paycheck to paycheck. Their ivory tower will topple. No more McJobs to feed the tax structure skewed to favor the wealthy.

7. Unemployment will become non-existent. There is unending work in reversing what our leaders have made us do to fill their coffers. Where is the appreciation for those of us who have sold our souls to the almighty dollar?

8. Social Security happens when we take care of each other. You have made us realize what Social Insecurity is.

9. We do not need to be taxed for being alive. We will take care of our own, thank you. It is we, the workers that create the infrastructure who carry the real value of this country (and all others), not some distant narcissist who loves to manipulate immature minds. The men and women who perform civic duties do not need supervision to fix problems. When the economic system crashes, everyone will be free of debt. Necessary work will be done nonetheless.

10. The Internet allows us to communicate freely (relatively) with anyone in the world, should the need arise. It is not politicians who control access, but computer engineers and analysts that keep the engine running. They can easily dethrone the guilty.

11. Thanks for letting us have a break from the rat race and finally communicating with our families, cooking together, playing board games, reading and turning off the television whenever your face is on it. 

12. It is no longer me, me, me, but rather WE.


Story of the Month contest entry


Six years ago, I posted a scifi novel on this site about a virus that rendered the population blind for three days and what they had to think about. (In case you want to check it out.)

The awakening is here. Help your neighbor. You have permission to share this post with everyone you know. Remember that, if we do not define and strive for the ideal, we have no way to measure progress towards it.
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