Supernatural Poetry posted March 6, 2020

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God G1 to Devil Author Notes!


by Aaqib Naeem

Devil sits across the board plotting his next move

Endgame draws near as the wheels of fate take wind

Fire shall consume Divinity he thinks until;

God himself stretches out to strike the ultimate blow

How foolish to think you can defeat the One who made the rules!

ABC Poetry Contest contest entry


Author Notes:

This whole ABC-style poem is based around this image I have used that depicts God and Satan playing a game of chess! I had used this very image for my 6 word contest entry and then it gave me an idea that I could write about the image itself and make a story out of it...!

Now, imagine good vs evil as a back and forth game of chess between God and Devil. Sometimes one is on top and sometimes the other. But...can the Devil actually win...does he truly stand a chance??
None whatsoever!!!! Because God is the one who made all the chess pieces and invented the chess moves Himself...He is the Maker, the All-Knowing! That, in itself, is the ultimate checkmate to the Devil...!
How can he ever defeat the one who made the rules of the game??? After all, any power that Devil has, is not truly his own but given to him by God himself!

Us humans, are the pawns on both sides of this game...Devil uses the bad ones to serve his purpose and God chooses the good ones to counter them! The angels and the Prophets make up for the main pieces on the good side and the demons and trickeries that Devil has command over, make up for the rest of his side of the board!

God G1 to Devil a chess move I thought of and just made up for this is the ultimate, face-to-face, checkmate with no room left on board for the Devil to run to...he is cornered!! And you can bet on God ensuring He has His back protected! over...!!
G1 is God1 and H1 is for Hell1...the eternal place of damnation that awaits Satan!

This move may have some technical inaccuracies but come on...let me have this one! ;-)

Thanks a lot for reading! :-)
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