General Fiction posted February 14, 2020

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Valentine's Horror Club Entry

The I A C Murders

by DragonSkulls

Rhyming Poetry Contest Contest Winner 

The call came in at 1 a.m.
The phone was by my side.
I am Detective Joseph Scott
and I work Homicide.

I'd hoped this year was not the same,
just like the five before.
I quickly dressed then grabbed my coat
and headed out the door.

The corner of Picard and Main,
the scene of the attack,
a couple lie in bloody slush
with arrows in their back.

Carved in the shafts was I. A. C.
and this confirmed my fears.
It's every year on Valentine's
this psycho reappears.

By 3 a.m. six more were dead,
each couple killed the same.
This murderer so keenly skilled
and accurate in aim.

Each victim found pierced through the heart
with angles quite profound.
A few were shot from heights above
while some were from the ground.

A call came on the radio,
we left without delay.
My partner drove, two more were dead
a mere three blocks away.

No sooner than our car had stopped
the windshield burst apart.
The bolt impaled my partner's chest,
directly through the heart.

I deftly leapt out of the car
and dove off to the right.
I scrambled to a dumpster's edge
for cover in the night.

I took a breath and drew my gun.
I quickly glanced and searched.
His arrow grazed yet missed my face,
I saw where he was perched.

I only had a moment's time
before he'd shoot again.
The moon reflected off the steel.
I knew I had him then.

I fired three shots into the dark.
His bow fell to the street.
I heard him bellow out and cry
in pain and sheer defeat.

I've been a cop for countless years
and witnessed many things.
But never once have I shot down...
a baby sporting wings.

He looked at me and softly spoke,
"I'm sure you wonder why.
No longer will I bear the woes
of watching true love die.

"All the couples that I've killed
have each deserved their fate.
They've broken vows they swore for life
while cheating on their mate."

I asked exactly who he was.
He looked at me and sneered.
"Are you stupid? I am Cupid,"
and then he disappeared.

Rhyming Poetry Contest
Contest Winner


I A C = I am Cupid.

I created both pictures from different Google Images.

Thanks for reading and Happy Valentine's Day everyone.


Club entry for the "My Bloody Valentine" event in "The Hellacious Horror Club".  Locate a writing club.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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