General Poetry posted January 17, 2020

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You sometimes have to forgive to be happy

Let go

by Blue Hendrix

Even if I had been blessed with 20/20 vision.
It wouldn't make this an easier decision.
I've held on to this pain for so long.
I just want it to stop hurting, disappear, and be gone.

You made the bad choices so many years ago.
I guess I need to forgive you so we can let the pain go.
It's just that I've been carrying it on my heart and in my mind,
and now it's embedded in me and the answers I can't find.

They say forgive, forget, move on and you'll feel better.
Well, I'm not sure who "they" are, but their soul must have never been severed.
To have your heart torn to pieces by someone you love.
It's hard to recover from and even harder to dispose of.
It's been a dark cloud hovering over us,
waiting to let the rain pour till it floods us with disgust.

Hiding out, lurking waiting for the smallest sign of trouble.
So it can jump out of the shadows to bust our happiness like a bubble.
Your cheating didn't mean anything to you.
You did it, I caught you but our life together wasn't through.

Neither of us could let our love just blow away with the wind.
So we fought our way through it, yet it's still here, I want it to end.
It was terrible something at the time, I didn't think I could survive,
but here we are still together and I'm still alive.

I'm done with the investigations and trying to catch you.
It's so emotionally draining, not to mention what we've put each other through.
All the accusations and jealousy I know I'm driving you insane.
It probably feels like all I ever do is blame, nag, and complain.

But I'm letting it all go today.
I've made of my mind, even the devil can't sway.
I forgive you for the times in our past when you were sinning.
It's time to let go, be happy, and let our love start winning.

20/20 Vision Poetry Contest contest entry
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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