General Poetry posted January 16, 2020

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The Boozy, Woozy Floozie

by LisaMay

Lucy sipped a snifter from a little glass
as she warmed to her writer’s task.
Then slurping (burping) – she knows it’s not wise –
she wanted more! That’s no surprise.
Now she’s energised to write some lies.

With just another sip (or three),
Lucy thinks she’ll write entertainingly –
to hell with straight-laced sobriety!
But she’s fooling herself, as you will see...

That whisky really makes her frisky, 
but to guzzle a gallon is surely risky.
I hope that readers will understand
if Lucy’s sentences get out of hand –
it isn’t actually what she had planned.

What will happen now that she’s boozy?
Her poem could well become a doozy,
but Lucy’s just a sozzled floozie:
she’ll never finish – she’s feeling woozy…


The Drink Poetry writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a poem. You (or your character) take a sip of a drink and feel different. What happens?

Author's Note;
doozy = something outstanding or unique of its kind.
floozie = (from internet): In the early 20th century US, "floozie", a colloquial form of "flossy", was most often used in the first sense of "elegant, attractive", especially with reference to young women, but by mid-century the "saucy" element had come to the fore and a "floozy" in popular parlance was a wild and disreputable "party girl", if not actually a prostitute ("He bought a red racy car and went skidding around - with every floozy in town; the only nice girls you ever saw in that car were his sisters. - Truman Capote, 1951).

Such derogatory devolution of terms applied to women is sadly common in English. The epithet - hussy, for instance, is derived from the honorable "housewife". On the bright side (I guess), "floozie" is such an antiquated term that it is almost always used in a joking sense today.
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