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What No Manual?

Being A Parent

by country ranch writer

Parenting is hard on everyone, some grasp it right away and others make it by the seat of their pants. Children do not come with directions or a manual how to raise them. We all learn our lessons by trial and error.

In today's world there are millions of "how to books"and Internet has so much advice. But when it comes right down to it, the key is trial by error and a heck of a lot of patience. We worry about our children so much some become so stressed out we take it out on their kids. I have read so many sad articles about this. People are disposing their children like garbage on the side of the road for others to find.

Children need to learn the ways to prevent having children or they will be learning about life the hard way. Love is the key to a happy child and giving of ones self to the comitment to do just that. Children know when they are loved they feel it from the people they receive it from.Sometimes parent-hood comes with a price and making sacrifices in order to keep a child healthy,wise.
Children will surprise you at the drop of the hat with their antics, some scaring the day lights out of you.

For example climbing to the highest spot in the tree, deciding he wants to learn to fly jumping off the barn roof resulting in a broken leg or arm or both. Fast cars, the need for speed, dating, first love and heart-break.

Worrying comes as part of the parent hood package it has it's ups and downs, but in turn we also get good things in return. We watch them growing up into a fine young man or woman. Many go out in the world with the idea they can lick the world working in the job market, and others go off to college.

Some become parents themselves, others are doctors, lawyers, movie stars, writers, we never know what direction they will take in life. Many become service men and women to give of themselves to fight for our freedom..


My happiest moment in my life was when I found out my baby would live after contracting menegitis of the brain when he was born. My baby was born December 27th 1967.They took him C- section and rushed him straight to intensive care. They sent me home without him. It broke my heart I couldn't even hold him. I was on bed rest and my husband took care of our daughter and tried to work to. His sister-in law helped out some and he went straight to the hospital everynight to see the baby and talk to the doctors on how he was doing. He was caught kept in ICU for fifteen days before we could bring him home.

Now 52 years later, he is taking care of me since my husband died and I am unable to live alone now because of my own disability. He says, mom that's wans't sons are for you took care of me all my life, it is my turn to take care of you. He is the best!

Parenthood: An indelible memory writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Describe a memory, a lesson taught or learned, or a moment shared that will stay with both parent and child forever.

Prose only. No minimum or maximun word count.
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