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Logan searches for information on Mac's grandfather.

A chapter in the book St Louis

St. Louis Chapter 15 part 1

by barbara.wilkey

While wanting to place trust in Logan, McKenzie searches for his sister's murderer. McKenzie doesn't believe anyone would harm her, but Logan feels it's his job to protect her from the threat.
It's Monday afternoon. McKenzie and Logan have known each other 6 days.

Ending of Previous Post:

McKenzie put her hand on Logan's. "Again, I'm sorry." She hesitated a moment. "One of Megan's friends mentioned Megan used recreational drugs in college, but no indication that she was a hard core user. I don't know about the company she kept. I think this covers it for now. If I've forgotten something, I'll call. Thank you for listening." She stood. "We'd better let you get back to work."

Bill walked around his desk and hugged McKenzie. "You know I always have time for you." He shook Logan's hand and nodded.

"I saw that nod. Is it secret male language for continue being a pain in Mac's butt?"

"You'll never know," teased Bill.

Inside the car, Logan asked, "Where to next?"

McKenzie glanced at her watch. "Good. I have a standing appointment every Monday at eleven-thirty. We'll just make it."

"Will they let me in?"

"I'm sure you have a military ID or something, right?" After Logan answered, she continued, "Good. There shouldn't be a problem." She paused. "I've never asked, but you do know how to handle a gun, don't you?



As Logan parked in McKenzie's parking space, she stared at her townhouse. "It looks like the mess was cleaned up. Only a few wet spots left on the sidewalk. I'm sure Edger's pacing. Ready?"

Logan rushed out of the car and hurried around to open McKenzie's car door. "Good. I beat you to it." His eyes twinkled.

"I see opening doors is very important to you," she teased. "Let's get inside. I want another look at your shot group. I'm sure you cheated."

"How could I cheat at a firing range? I don't think it's possible."

Inside, McKenzie assured Edger things were okay before she took his target and held it up to the light to get a better look at it. "I've seen some great shot groups, but never one this good. Are you sure you didn't cheat?"

Logan grabbed a water bottle from the refrigerator. "For the hundredth time, no, I didn't cheat." He took a swig of water. "Let me see yours again." He held it up to the light. "Yours is good. It's better than a lot of my troops."

"But nowhere close to yours. How'd you do it?"

"Years of practice." He paused. "Ready for some lunch?"

"So you not only fix breakfast and dinner, you do lunch too?"

"Usually something light; salad or sandwiches. What would you like?"

"Surprise me. I'm going to work on some things in the office."

A little later, Logan brought in a salad, a sandwich, and a bottle of water. "I couldn't decide, so I did a little of both. I hope you like it." He scanned the bulletin board filled with different colored notes. "Pretty impressive."

"Check it out and see if I've forgotten anything. There's a lot of information, but none of it makes any sense."

He stepped closer to read each note, and then stared at it. "I think you have it covered. Did you get any new ideas as you worked on this?"

"No, I was hoping I would. Nothing, nada." McKenzie took a bite of her sandwich. "Thank you." Finishing her sandwich, she said, "I'll work on something else. Maybe I need to let it sit for a while."

"Good idea. I have a few things I need to catch-up on myself. I'll be at the table if you need me."

McKenzie watched Logan go to the black bag he always brought with him. Hmm, a laptop. I thought he just kept clothes in that. Wonder what he's working on. She opened a file. I have my own work to worry about.

Logan searched for McKenzie's parents obituaries in the local newspaper. He found what he was looking for and noticed McKenzie was the only surviving family member of Mack and Helen Morgan. He also found that both Mack's parents preceded him in death as did both Helen's parents. He did discover Helen's dad, Gus's last name was Piper.

After he got a bottle of water and an apple from the refrigerator, Logan did a Google search for Gus Piper. He not only found his obituary but newspaper articles about his death. He died suspiciously from blunt force trauma at the Morgan home. It seemed no investigation was done and no suspects questioned. I wonder why. It doesn't make any sense. He got up to stretch his legs and went outside to walk around the backyard.

When he returned, he saw McKenzie leaning over his computer. She glared at him. "What are you doing?"

"I was curious about your mother's father. I did some researches. It wasn't difficult to find."

"You've officially crossed the line. You need to leave." When he didn't move, she yelled, "I told you to leave! Get out now!"

"I'm not going anywhere."

McKenzie turned and walked toward the stairs. "I'm going upstairs. When I return, you'd better be gone or I'm calling the police."

Logan watched her stomp up the stairs. "I'd say she's officially angry. Now what?" He cringed when he heard her bedroom door slam. "Yep, she's angry."

A little over an hour later, McKenzie entered the kitchen. "I thought I smelled dinner. I told you that you're not welcome here any longer."

"And I've already told you that you're stuck with me. Just because you're angry doesn't mean I'm leaving. Dinner will be done in about fifteen minutes. We can eat together, or I'll go outside and eat."

"We can both eat at the table, but don't expect me to speak to you."

Logan grinned. "Of course not."

After the silent dinner was completed, McKenzie did dishes and cleaned the kitchen. When finished, she went upstairs to change.

Once back downstairs, she started to call a taxi. Logan grabbed the phone. "I'll drive you to the Tin Roof. I told you I'm going." He paused. "You look nice by-the-way."

McKenzie glared at him. "I told you I could handle this myself."

"I don't listen or follow directions very well." He opened the door. "Ladies first. Even angry ladies."


"Where's this place?"

"On Clark Avenue."

"That's down by the stadium, right?"

McKenzie nodded.

"Is there any way we can call a truce?" When he received no answer, he continued, "I'm sorry. I didn't realize it would cause this much trouble. I was curious."

"I'd already told you I didn't want to talk about Mom's dad."

"You did but..."

"There are no buts. The conversation is over."

"Okay, when you're ready to discuss it, I'm here for you."

"I'll never be ready."


McKenzie 'Mac' Morgan a 27 year old private investigator
Major Logan Nelson 34 years old and an active duty soldier
Arlo McKenzie's black and tan dachshund
Megan Nelson Logan's younger sister - murdered
The Lou local name for St. Louis
Simon Knight and Sheila Logan's former Army buddy and a Lab technician. Sheila's his wife.
Fan name for the St. Louis Cardinals - a major league
baseball team.
Yadi Fan name for Yadier Molina - Cardinal's all-star catcher.
Edger McKenzie's black and tan rottweiler
John Benson Man who murdered McKenzie's parents
Bill Abbot A D.A and McKenzie's God-Father; he was a high-
school friend of McKenzie's father. Joanie is his wife.
Jose Lopez Chicago Police Department undercover police
Kate Hartford Megan Nelson's friend they taught middle school
Donny A man Megan Nelson dated.
Mitch Gardner St. Louis Police Department detective who has
partnered with McKenzie's dad.
Ivan Smart A bad guy
Peter and Nancy Nelson Logan's parents
Sidney Parks works for the St. Louis Police Detective with the drug unit.
Mack and Helen Morgan McKenzie's parents - both deceased
Gus Piper McKenzie's abusive grandfather - deceased

Thank you google images for photo of a shot group. I've made changes to this post again today. I hope I didn't make it worse. I really appreciate your help. This post is a little over 900 words. Logan and McKenzie continue their search for Megan's murder and they get closer to becoming a couple.
but did Logan mess up so badly that Mac can't forgive him? Thank you for your wonderful support.

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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