General Poetry posted October 3, 2019

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How the Donald will leave the Whitehouse

Kicking and Screaming

by the13thpoet

The author has placed a warning on this post for language.
I need help from all my MAGA friends the Dems have me under attack.
They say I've hijacked the country and now they want it back.
I think they're upset because I do whatever I choose.
And when they try to expose my lies, I just call it fake news.

The way they constantly attack me is really just insane.
The Muller report couldn't get me, now they try to nail me for Ukraine.
But that call was perfect, there was no prid pro quo.
He just wanted some Javelins, but I need a favor though.

I just need you to help me find out what my rival is hiding.
So, if you want these Javelins, I'm going to need some dirt on the Bidens.
You didn't think I'd release the transcripts but consider it a gift.
But now my words are being twisted by Adam, I call him shifty Schiff.

Putting words in the President's mouth. Should he be arrested for treason?
I've help restore America's greatness, yet they attack me for no reason.
I'm as innocent as children playing ring around the rosy.
Despite what you hear from shifty Schiff and that evil woman Nancy Pelosi.

Yes, a whistleblower should be protected only if they're legit.
Even if they are, I'll just tweet that it's "BULLSHIT".
It's Presidential harassment when they try to expose my lies.
I wish this was the good ole days, you know how we handled spies.

The do-nothing Dems just want me gone, but I just find it funny.
They're just doing whatever they can to try to beat me in 2020.
They're just a bunch of haters, filled with contempt and resentment.
Trying to find any reason to start an inquiry for impeachment.

When it comes to high crimes and misdemeanors, I could write the book.
But like Nixon I'll swear up and down that, "I am not a crook".
But until the bitter end, I will continue to lie and fight it.
Rudy and William Barr told me a sitting President can't be indicted.

I need help from all my MAGA folks my 2020 re-election cannot fail.
The minute I leave this Whitehouse, they'll probably try to throw me in jail.
I know my base will support me, despite all the lies and the scheming.
And there's only one way I'd ever leave and that's kicking and screaming.


Kids the word for today is Impeachment.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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