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It was only an hour since their banquet started and Loki was already bored. He was sick of listening to Thor and his friends (minus Sif) bragged and exaggerated about their newest conquest by a large margin. How mindless could their fan be to simply believe every word they said? It annoyed him how people worshipped the ground Thor walked. Like the oaf needed his ego-stroked.

Loki would rather hole himself in his room reading than endured a moment more of this. He stood and left the bouquet. 'I doubt they would even realize I was gone.' He thought bitterly. He had lived in Thor's shadow for long enough to know nobody gave a damn about his contribution.

Wondering the halls, it didn't take long before he knew he was being followed and he knew exactly who it was. He smirked, Amora had tried to sink her claws on him for some time now and it was about time he gave in to her seduction.

He turned around and face the Enchantress. "Amora. It had been a while." His voice was velveted soft, lazy with provocation. But his gaze wasn't lazy; it was predatory like an animal on the scent.

Amora was half-breathless under the unmistakable lust in his eyes. Her heart was suddenly pounding. Their eyes held for a moment-emerald green and bright green-and a flurry of ripe, unguarded expectation shimmered in the air. Hotspur and graphic.

She stepped forward, into his personal space. He watched as she licked her soft pink pouty lips.

God, Amora was really, unfairly sexy. She was tall and slim, with a strong build and tight muscles. She had high cheekbones and flushed rounded cheeks. Her bright green eyes darkened with lust. Her hair was long and golden blonde, hanging down her back and framing her tanned skin perfectly.

Part of him wanted to dismiss her as Thor did, a woman who craved power and position as much as Amora did was far harder to handle than a woman who only craved wealth. But unlike Thor, Loki was the type of man to confer with snakes and charm them in turn. The benefit of having the powerful Enchantress by his side outweighed the liability.

Loki caressed her cheek and kissed her. She tasted sweet. Like apples, mead, and desire. It was intoxicating.

One of her arms wrapped around his waist like a steel band and the other gripped his head. She kissed him with heat and intensity and skill, her fingers winded their way into his hair and pulled just hard enough to make him moaned.

Loki responded in kind, his body pressed even closer to Amora's, his mouth just as hungry. He swept his tongue across the seam of Amora's lips, then licked into her mouth when Amora's lips parted. She made a whimpering noise against his mouth and pressed closer. The two continued to kiss, their bodies as close as they could get.

God, Amora's mouth was hot against Loki's, and there was nothing tentative about the way her teeth dug into Loki's lips. Loki pushed her hard against the wall and sucked her tongue into his mouth. Loki's hips bucked against Amora, his hands clutched wildly at her back. She had jolted every sexual nerve in his body. Had not the sledgehammer blow occurred he would notice that they weren't alone.

Thor walked by and he had a clear view of them kissing feverishly. Amora felt Thor's eyes on them and opened her eyes. She gave Thor a knowing look, her eyes shone with mirth and a little malice. She wrenched away from Loki's mouth with another bite at his swollen lips. She nipped and licked up Loki's neck, bit until Loki was half-crazy with it. Hands came up at his chest and fingers stroked over his upper arms until he shivered. Her hands slipped under the waistband of Loki's pants.


Loki broke away to breathe and Amora continued to kiss her way over his jaw and under it. Loki couldn't ignore the heated desire that had become a palpable presence in the hall and, more disastrously-in their bodies. His eyes glowed with something darker, something Amora loved...something that called to her inner goddess...something that took her breath away. "My room." Loki said before he teleported them there, right onto his bed, with him on top of her. He used magic to get rid of their clothes. Loki's eyes blazed as they travel greedily down her body.

She had pert breasts, and narrow waist, and slightly rounded hips. Her sex hot and thickened by arousal. Her eyes were dark with passion. The large room was dazzling by her beauty.

She was the most stunning woman he had ever seen. Loki made a growl of appreciation. "You look delicious." Loki's mouth was close to her ear and she felt his breath, though his lips didn't touch her. "You're mine." Loki breathed and his lips tugged at her ear lope. Amora groaned.

Her breath exhaled over the drawn skin of his neck as he delicately burrowed his tongue in the hollow of her left ear, in turn, nibbled her lobe and then licked her depth causing her to moan in pleasure.

Then he buried his head into her neck. Loki pressed wet kisses on her neck, trailed upwards to her jaw.

Amora growled as she writhed and rolled her hips. He moved his hand upward and squeezed a breast.

Loki magic glass of champagne and a wine glass to his hand. He poured a glass and took a sip. Then he put his mouth on Amora's right nipple. Amora let out a gasped as the cold liquid submerged her nipple. He could feel the bubbles prickling over the surface, then he sucked hard and swallowed. She panted and gasped when he tugged at her with his teeth while he pinched her other nipple between forefinger and thumb, kneading, rough. He took as much of one breast in his mouth as he could sucking with increasing intensity as he used his tongue to press on a nipple.

Amora's body shuddered as she tried to speak but couldn't form words.

Loki released his lover. "Delicious." He said with a smile. He took another sip and did the same with the other breast. Amora was lifting and thrusting her pelvis. As soon as he pressed on her nipple with his tongue her whole body went limp.

He took another drink. Then he kissed, licked and sucked his way down her stomach.

As he approached her sex, the sharp smell reached his nostrils and he felt his mouth started to water.

The cold wetness prickled her skin. He reached for her sex and rubbed over her clit.

Loki's touch was shivering and arousing. Amora could feel the lascivious thrumming inside her clit and the swell of her sex.

Amora groaned "Please."

Loki grinned...a salacious, wicked, and tempting smile. "Watch." Loki locked eyes with her and drew his tongue down her slit to where her clit was nestling. He felt a shiver run through her. She tasted salty and rich.

Amora's eyes were heavy on Loki, skin flushed and a sheen of sweat shining on her face and breast. She wondered why Loki didn't break a sweat.

Loki slid a finger into her cunt, already wet and aching with arousal.

Amora's mewls turned back into moans. "Yes..." she moaned, writhing much more furiously against him.

He slowly inserted another finger into her vagina opening and made long slow circular motions inside her pussy. He wanted every nerve ending inside her pussy tingling to his touch. Loki could feel how quickly her pussy was getting so much wetter with his constant touch. He maintained a slow steady circular motion to keep her tense and craving much more.

Amora was so wet that her juice was running down his hand. She rocked her hips urgently and cursing at him to go faster.

Loki pushed his fingers in a little deeper into her pussy until he could feel the spongy surface of her G-spot. He began to slowly draw his fingers towards his palm in a "come here" motion which instantly made her G-spot swell and engorge. Amora's legs were shaking uncontrollably. He relished every shiver, quiver, and jolt as he had full control of her body and mind with just two little fingers as he taunted, teased and corrupted her.

Then he fingered-fuck her swollen G-spot very quickly. His palm slapped hard against her swollen and throbbing clit.

Amora screamed out for mercy but Loki ignored her. He brought her to the edge then stopped. Amora whined with need. Pulling out his fingers, he spread her thighs and pulled them both lower down the bed in one smooth move, and before Amora knew it, he'd lapping long and slow at her clit with his tongue.

Amora cried out. She clutched at Loki's hair with one hand and yanked, a little meanly. "More." she gasped. He worked that magic of his, that tongue that knew exactly where to lick and stimulate all those nerves she didn't know she had. The stimulation spreading throughout her body like wildfire and took her nearly over the edge all on its own.

A primal groan that came from somewhere far, far inside her.

Loki arched a finger onto the top of her inside walls, she cried out and moaned, writhing and bucking as he struggled to keep her down. He inserted a second finger and Amora felt her world spin, her eyes rolling to the back of her head as she threw her head back onto the bed. Loki pumped his fingers in and out of her pussy faster, using the thumb on his other hand to rub her clit.

Then Loki settled in to eat her out as if he wanted to spend all night doing it. His tongue was outlining her every fold. It was almost too much, at first, and Amora could only lie there overwhelmed as Loki's mouth and fingers drew forth sounds from her that she might be embarrassed about later.

It was so erotic to watch Loki savoring her-eyes closed, eyebrows raised, face beatific, as if his pussy was the most delicious thing in the history of delicious things. Amora arched helplessly, hands scrambled at the sheets. She made a sound of appreciation.

He could tell she was getting more and more excited, her juices running down on her pubic hair. He intensified his licking, he put a finger inside her and flicked it in time with his mouth, his fingertip fuck her swollen G-spot. Amora moaned. Loki put one more finger in.

He made her burn up, sucked her clit and folded into his mouth while his long fingers pumped into her. He could hear her moans becoming more desperate and louder, her hands clutching for anything at her sides; the bed furs becoming victims under her clutched grasp.

Every sensation in her body felt like it was concentrated on the places Loki was touching her: his mouth on her oversensitive clit, his fingers fucking into her steadily, his other hand tight on her hip and his thumb rubbing circles on her hip bone. She shook and shook under his touch, she shook apart with an orgasm that left her feeling like the empty, clean calm of the eye of a storm. A small drizzle sprayed onto his face during her climax.

Once she caught her breath, she tugged at Loki's hair, gently this time, until he crawled back up to kiss her. His face was slippery with her juices, his tongue as wet as if he was drinking wine. Her taste all over his mouth. He was probably painfully hard by now, but still, that control. She wanted very much to see it shatter.

Amora caught him off guard by using magic to make invincible hands squeezed Loki's dick in a tight grip. Every muscle in Loki's body tensed, small whimpers escape from his traitorous lip.

"Eager much, my prince?" Amora's voice rolled like smooth rich whiskey, sending shivers down Loki's spine. The invincible hand stroked Loki's solid manhood with such speed and force, that he cried loudly as his breathing suddenly labored, his chest rising and falling at a chaotic pace, his brows furrowing.

Loki jerked his hips forward, trying to fuck into the invincible fist. His coherent thoughts are slipping away, his body moving of its own volition to heighten its pleasure. Somewhere along the line, Loki had lost himself in the fiery touch that was burning his dick raw.

Amora brought him to the edge of climax, Loki's body sang with need, and then she stopped and vanished the invincible hand.

"No." Loki mewled loudly.

"Not yet." Amora breathed, she rolled them so she was the one on top than she leaned down, gently bit Loki's thigh, and sucked on the spot just long enough for a faint purple mark to bloom. Loki sighed beneath her.

Amora slid the tip of her tongue up his length, traced the thick vein along its underside. She gave a series of short licks to the slit--at which Loki whined--and then sunk her mouth around him.

Her eager mouth licked the tip of his cock and her hand massaged his balls enthusiastically, showering him with loving attention

Sensation rushed through in a wave of heat.

Amora licked the underside of his cock to the tip and sucked on the head. Loki's arousal was heavy in the air.

With a sigh that was a cross between a sigh and a moan, Amora leaned forward and took him into her mouth. Loki gripped her hair to make her take him deeper.

"All of me, take all of me," his voice was somewhere between a pleading and an order.

All he could focus on was the feel of her mouth as Amora deep-throat him like it was the easiest thing in the world. He moved in and out. The suction was hot, wet and deep, right from the start. She kept regular eye contact with Loki while she enjoyed herself giving Prince Loki pleasure.

It took less than a minute for Loki to start thrusting his hips up.

Amora gave a muffled groan from low in her throat that caused vibration to spread throughout his body. Loki held her hair tighter.

Amora sucked Loki harder, and he looked down to watch his cock slide in and out of her mouth. Loki shivered at the sight of Amora taking the whole of him.

Loki got one hand tight on the back of her neck to hold her in place and fucked in harder.

Amora kept moaning around Loki's cock, breathed sharply through her nose because her mouth and throat were stuffed full, and she was still trying to get Loki in deeper.

"Oh fuck, yes," Loki groaned unashamedly. "I'm coming," he said, as his cock jerked inside Amora's mouth.

Loki thrust deeply and hold still as he released into Amora's mouth. She swallowed all of it like it was the most delicious thing in the world. Loki looked at her and smiled. She leaned forward and worked on cleaning Loki's cock with tiny kitten licks.

Loki whined, unable to believe that he would be reduced to a babbling heap of desire. It was too much.

Loki magic a condom into his hand. He was indeed very hard, with pre-cum already slick on the head of his cock. He rolled the condom on.

Amora moved forward and Loki sat up. She reached down and held his stiff and hot penis. She rubbed the head of his cock over her slick pussy once, twice, barely let him breach her but enough to make him crave the real thing. And then, with a flex of her muscled thighs and a perfect shift of her weight, Amora sunk onto Loki's cock in one smooth, fluid motion.

The feeling of fullness from his cock ached a little, her cunt still sensitive from before, but it was a good ache, one she wanted to savor.

Loki whimpered. Amora was so wet and hot and tight around him, and his free hand instinctively flew to her hip, gripping her tight. He used his magic on his dick to enhance pleasure.

He lifted his glass of champagne and took a large mouthful. Then he pulled her head to his and pressed his lips on hers. A gush of cool champagne left his mouth and flooded to hers. Amora took it and drank it, then enjoyed the movement of the champagne-flavored tongue in her mouth. He took another mouthful of wine and repeated, letting the fizzing liquid moved from him to her. It's delicious and intoxicating in more ways than one.

As Amora drank, she moved subtly, clenching her inner muscle so she could grip the inner column inside her. She could feel him growing there, getting thicker and harder as she wriggled very slightly to stimulate him more.

He looked down at her legs on either side of him and the way she was sitting on his cock. Her breast pressed out towards him, the rosy hard nipples begged for him, showing him how hot she was. His eyes glittered with desire. He lifted his hips, jostling his cock inside Amora and driving it impossibly deeper.

Loki moved a slow, sweet rhythm with big, powerful hip movements that sent shockwaves of sensation through her, and kept her eyes on him.

Amora moaned against his lips, and she smiled at him like a fallen angel and circled her hips, which made Loki's eyes rolled back so hard they fluttered in a seizure of pleasurable paroxysms.

"Move up and down." He ordered. Loki's voice low, authoritative and sexy as hell.

Amora captured Loki's mouth in a toe-curling kiss as she began to rise to her knees, hovered for a second on the very crest of his erection before lowering herself again in a warm, silken flow that added to his memory of lascivious sensation, took him to the hilt every time. She continued fucking herself on his cock with power and purpose causing Loki's nerves jolted by ravishing, agonizing shock waves. Each gliding, tantalizing skin-on-skin ascent and descent blazing a new fiery trail to Nirvana.

Loki was already struggling to catch up with the intensity of Amora's kiss, let alone the feeling of her riding him. Once he got with the program, though, he used his grip on Amora's hips not just to hold on but to encourage his movements, slamming her down into his lap until the sound of his thighs smacking against Amora's pussy filled his room. Loki was touching her everywhere--dragging his fingers through Amora's hair, cupping her jaw desperately, raking his nails over her skin. The slight hint of pain only sharpened the pleasure that coursed through Amora's body, and she moaned against Loki's lips every time she clenched down around him.

"Enjoying yourself, my prince?" Amora asked breathlessly.

Loki managed to grin, raising his eyebrows at Amora in a challenge as he said, "Pretty disappointed actually. I thought sleeping with the Enchantress would be more... well more..."

That drew the hint of a scowl from the beautiful Enchantress.

Before Loki could process it, though, Amora was moving again, eyes fixed on Loki, she rode him as if her life depended on it. Loki planted his feet on the bed and rocked his hips up into Amora, meeting her halfway, and fuck, it felt infinitely better. His world increasingly narrowed to prurient craving.

"God." Loki moaned, nails dug into Amora's shoulders, his voice thin and wrecked.

Loki was nearing his climax. "Amora." he breathed--a warning. Amora nodded against his forehead, his breathing coming quick and fast now. They were both close, and Loki tightened his grip on Amora's hips and fucked up into her, hard and fast while bringing his fingers down to circle her clit.

Her thighs flexed beautifully with every movement, her head tipped back in bliss, whole body moving and grinding and writhing as she chased her pleasure. The sounds she made were absolutely sinful--quiet moans and gasps, a dirty groan as he ground her hips down and took him in deep.

Their breathing coming hard now, their thrusts accompanied by wrung-out moans. He put his hands on her hips so he could shove her up and down his penis even faster sending her into a puddle of trembling limbs.

Loki summoned more on his magic and bared his teeth as he pushed harder, fucked faster. He pinched hard at her nipple and Amora gave a little gasp as his finger lighted the sensation at the tip of her bud. His fingers began to move faster and harder, twirled around the top of her bud. Amora couldn't help the tears that came forth. Every thrust Amora was screaming out, voice getting harsh and sore from overuse. The pleasure washed over her. The feeling was so strong, so intense.

Amora flew into her climax, trembled and jerked on top of him as her limbs stiffened as the orgasm possessed her. Timing his movements with the wave inside her, he thrust gently, rocking his hips against her, so she could feel his prick pushing deep inside her, and her clit rubbing against him in every thrust.

The sensations were so powerful that, instead of dying away the wave of her orgasm keep rolling, her body carried away from his rhythm.

Amora clenched hard around Loki. It felt like it lasted for a while, a long burn that spread through all of her, slow and sweet. His whole body convulsed and with a shiver, she felt him shot his spunk inside her while the aftershocks were still rolling through her. With her aftershocks, he trembled two, three times.

Amora tipped forward to rest her forehead against Loki's for a moment, before pulling off of him and flopping against his side. She felt languorous and unsteady, sore in a good way. Loki took care of the condom, then settled back in the bed by her side, happily wrecked.

Loki still hadn't sweat at all, which made her wondered. The sweat she had built up was rapidly cooling off, and Amora was getting cold, so she pulled the covers tighter around her body.

When Amora woke, the bed was empty. A bit of a blow to her ego but she never pegged him as easy prey, to begin with. There was no rush, she would make the prince hers in time.

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