General Poetry posted September 30, 2019

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With the one and only yours truly

A fascinating, intellectual chat

by Bar62

I'm ready for our evening constitutional, Is that what you are going to wear on our walk   tonight

Oh yeah, your clothes don‘t even match, you just stand out like a sore thumb
You are so full of it, I dress better than you without even trying to do so
You are both a liar and a narcissist 
Just because I know what’s right and wrong does not necessarily color me as a narcissist
You are in my book
You wrote a book, did you?

You are dense, you’re holding it in your hands.

 Oh my, you are correct, it says how to get your point across to you’re adversaries on the other side.
Who is an adversary, I just want you to hear and acknowledge my point of view.
You are hopeless, are you aware of that
Sure I am but you are hopeless and gullible to boot
You up for a cup of Joe
Yes, then we can finish our discussion. 
You are going to lose, you know that don’t you
Maybe, maybe not; you know what they say don’t you
Please enlighten me, what do they say
One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor
That is truly profound, yes it is, nothing less than profound.
I’m going to leave you now, going to see my girl.
Tally ho, win this one for the Gipper.


Oh, you are... are you? writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a humorous free verse or free style poem about YOU, as though you are talking to yourself! Recommended (but not required) that you start every stanza (except your last stanza) with "You are..." . You may start your last stanza with whatever you choose. Your poem can be of any length and genre.
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