Satire Poetry posted September 29, 2019

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There's another mess causing stress.

The Mess On That Dress

by LisaMay

I’m choosing a dress to wear today
but when I look in the closet, what can I say?
It’ll be second-hand, I have nothing new –
will I choose the bold red, or will I choose blue?
There’s another one right in front of me
in a retro-shade called ‘perjury’.
I’ll stick with the blue, it matches my eyes,
but then I discover a nasty surprise,
for there's an old stain upon the blue,
and a fresher mess on the red one, too!
Boo hoo! It won’t do – 
on one there’s a stain; the other's ‘Ukraine’.
When I saw the old mess upon that blue dress,
I recalled it’d been the Starr in a show.
Fame is fleeting, it will come and go.
I picked out the blue one
and thought of how much fun
that dress had some time before,
taken in turn and intern for sure.
The man and the girl got into a whirl
as some of the story began to unfurl.
Precedent most likely had been set,
when he laid eyes on her as they met.
The older smoothie sought a fruity fling;
plugged in to power, but it delivered a sting.
She never got a cleaning Bill;
the value was only worth half the thrill
because the mess was on her dress –
just on one side, it can’t be denied, 
like most of our news on views that deride.
When it was proved whose was the mess
dribbled on that dress, oh, the ructions and the stress.
The stain that remained, from morals so loose,
turned out to be impeachment juice.

*  *  *

In a damn and a blast from the past,
after a 21-year gap, here comes more crap.
Who will uncover the greater sin?
Self-interest always seems to win.
Hypocrites all will have a field day. 
I’m sick of it  – pray it'll go away.
Is it now in the hands of God? 
Limping through the courts, this mess will plod.
I’ve no doubt ‘doing a deal’ will come into play –
it won’t be black and white, there’ll be shades of grey.
All this hocus pocus is diverting political focus.
Please, someone break the spell from this living Hell.
Policy for you and me is scattergun at best –
we’re all being put to the test.
I can hear a whistle blowing;
will this cock still be crowing on Capitol Hill?
Or is his goose cooked, as they go in for the kill?

What A Mess! writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a poem about a mess! As long as your poem is about making a mess, or encorporates the topic of messes, anything goes. Creative approaches are welcomed. Contest voters will be asked to consider the topic when making a choice for a winner. Now let's get sloppy!

Author's Note:
Here we are again, more drama with Presidential indiscretions and illegalities getting some traction in another impeachment process: Bill Clinton in 1998, now Donald Trump in 2019.
Lies, cover-ups, conspiracies, deception, double-dealing, talk of treason... how much more can we take?
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